“Euthanized on the Track” at Aqueduct Today

Perceived (below) in the 5th at Aqueduct today: “turned into upper stretch under a drive and lacked the needed response, then suffered an injury to his right foreleg after the finish before being euthanized on the track.” He was seven years old.

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  1. Just look at this magnificent horse.
    And now he’s DEAD
    Yet another innocent thoroughbred horse brutally sacrificed by the vile horseracing industry.
    For what ?
    $2 bets
    plus for the greed of the breeders, owners, trainers, jockeys, vets, administrators et al.
    How utterly sickening.

    • A son of Blame. In other words regally bred. And, by the GORGEOUS looks of him, with that thick neck,should not have been gelded, in my opinion. That interview that that POS Trevor McCarthy did,was when he tried to move his tack to the California circuit, but of course it was a COMPLETE failure….he’s (Trevor) is NOT California quality/Level. How many more do you have to do in Trevor? I remember I read YEARS ago…a trainer beat the shit out of you,because of the horrible ride you gave one of his horses. Maybe there was something to that Trevor….just sayin. Shut this circus down!

      • With the Double-Death Duo of Rudy Rodriguez AND Trevor McCarthy, it’s something of a miracle that poor Perceived lived as long as he did.

        • I remember when the Rodriguez and owner Dubb team burst on the racing scene many years ago winning with horses they claimed. Rodriguez has a less than sterling record when it comes to drugging and killing horses!!!
          He has been quoted as saying he left his job in landscaping to get in on some of that money in the racing game.
          Michael Dubb, who made his money in real estate and development, has moved up in the game from the claimers and is now a member of the NYRA Board of Directors. They both used the the claiming game shuffling the unfortunate horses from barn to barn while doing what “needed” to be done to be “successful”!!

  2. Oh, Rudy! You horse-killing genius, you. When will racing officials find it in their hearts(?) to pitch you out on your ass?
    I know, I know. Never gonna happen. But I’ll still ask again, probably at your next horse kill. (So, we’ll chat in a couple weeks, then.)

  3. The KILL Trevor did of the 8 year old in 2018, was the WORST, even Matt and Mike of tvg said the horse had sustained the fatal injury with 1/16th to go! and that ugly evil jockey Trevor, whipped the hell out of the gelding til he literally fell head first over the finish line. You KNOW it’s beyond horrific, when insensitive tvg talking heads can’t believe how Trevor could brutalize a horse like THAT. I hate you Trevor more than words could EVER say. There’s a special place in you know where for humans who torture and ultimately kill innocent ANIMALS. “F” you homely Trevor.

  4. …and all the people who enabled him and continue to enable him; the whole rotten-to-the-core industry that feeds off the abuse of, the brutalization of and the killing of horses for money and cheap thrills. They’re all just as rotten since they don’t stop him from whipping horses to the finish line even though it means the horse is going to die.

  5. This is so horrible!
    What a beautiful creature to have to put up with and lose his life for the greedy ..nasty..sick in the head..pos that live and work in the racing industry..

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