Why Do You Think They’ll Miss This “Stud”?

The breeding shed is its own kind of servitude, creating its own kind of suffering. With zero control over his own wants and needs, a “stud” is but a machine whose sole purpose is to produce successful – as defined, of course, by “earnings” – progeny.

Yesterday, Shadwell, a multinational breeding operation, announced the following: “Shadwell are very sorry to have to announce that Eqtidaar, our Group 1 Commonwealth Cup winner and promising young sire, has been put down upon veterinary advice following complications from a recent health condition. This extremely sad news comes as his first two-year-olds hit the racecourse in 2023…. Shadwell would like to thank the many breeders who supported Eqtidaar during his all too brief stallion career. He will be sorely missed….”

Loathsome. Eqtidaar, by the way, was seven years old.

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  1. This is the life for the beautiful horses.. to be used..tortured..and killed..for the nonhumans pos who work in racing..

  2. In my uneducated opinion, when I read of a relatively young stallion’s untimely demise, I immediately suspect that he became a “useless eater” who probably didn’t perform well enough in the breeding shed.

  3. Without doing all the research on this horse, I say it is very possible that they DOPED HIM UP to keep him “performing” at his “second career” (as the industry language goes) and HIS BODY JUST COULDN’T TAKE IT.
    For the pseudo-horsemen, this is all about the money, the millions of dollars, that they expect to make off of this poor horse.
    THIS HORSE, as all horses exploited in this industry are, WAS A COMMODITY to be exploited for financial gain and killed by the ABUSE that these pseudo-horsemen dish out to the horses.
    The number of mares that these vile monsters expected this horse to “service” may have been way too many for this horse. It is natural to speculate that this horse is worth more dead than alive to these vile pseudo-horsemen — it’s very possible.

  4. I so agree with you Wanda on your comments every single thing that these bastards do within this horse racing community involves nothing but abuse to the animals. There just isn’t a day without another tragic story of some kind. You have a great insight into the horse racing and horses in general. My life has been involved with showing many horses and my Dad and I raced horses as well but nothing like what is going on here. We never left home with a horse that wasn’t 100% sound and we did all of our training at home on our own race track. We had many many wins and still hold track records at numerous tracks and never ever had to put a horse down from any type injury., it just didn’t happen. It is so sad to read everyday the horrible losses and abuse inflicted on these horses. I just wish it will all end and horse racing was stopped completely.

  5. I know it sounds shallow and callous to say, “His suffering is over now”, but truly it is. Patrick is right. A stallion’s sole purpose is to sire foals that are expected to make a profit. The Jockey Club prohibits “artificial insemination” and I am so thankful for that rule. How many foals would be “culled” because they don’t measure up? And the opportunity for corruption and fraud would increase exponentially! Horse-racing is a vile and inhumane activity and cannot be classified as a “sport.” It HAS to end.

    • There are certain organized events that are classified as ‘sports’ that involve the killing of animals. This is part of the reality of this world. Calling it a sport doesn’t make it right or moral. There are several different “organized events” involving “winning” a trophy and/or money that involve the morally depraved exploitation of animals in some way, shape or form.
      The words sport, game, gaming, winning, losing, betting, wagering, gambling and so forth are used in the language of most of these despicable organized events and that is the way it is. It doesn’t make it right. It’s just the way it is.
      Hunting, fishing, putting roosters in a ring to fight each other to death, putting dogs in a ring to fight each other to death, and horseracing are all forms of Animal ABUSE and CRUELTY. These organized events are BLOODSPORTS whether it’s legal or illegal. They are definitely wrong.
      There is no real sportsmanlike behavior when people go “underground” to commit heinous acts against the animals and especially not when the owner of a fighting dog loses and it’s time to pay up but refuses to pay what was agreed upon before the “organized event” took place. That’s when the human participants go out for blood of another human, the one that refused to pay up. This is the reality of this world.

  6. How they sleep at night, I’ll never know — parading about as if they’re part of something good and respectable — the opposite is true — Horseracing racket is cruel and obscene — SHUT it DOWN

  7. And if that isn’t enough some stallions are shipped to South America for the breeding season there!
    I don’t follow what goes on in this business anymore but I do remember one stallion, Put it Back. He was sent to Brazil for one of their seasons. Something happened re his US ownership while he was in Brazil and he never came “home”. He was a fairly successful stallion here and he sired Bali Bali, winner of the Brazilian triple crown. Have no idea what his fate was or if he is still alive. They are just pawns in the money game! Nobody gives a damn about them…

    • Correction: The horse’s name is Bal a Bali. He was brought to the US from Brazil, won one of the big ones and was sent to stud here.

    • I’ll never forget the American stallions that were sent to Peru, one of them being The Lieutenant, who were butchered by, I believe, some sort of rogue militant group, if I recall correctly. Thankfully, the owner of the farm said he was done with the Thoroughbred business after that, but too late for those poor sweet stallions.

  8. Sorry, not a militant group, but instead butchered with axes to harvest their meat to sell.

  9. This poor horse was too young to die. The owners are only interested in using this horse for horseracing and breeding. Shame on the owner responsible for this!!!!!

  10. ‘He will be sorely missed’…correction, the money that he ‘earned’ as a stud horse will be sorely missed, any forthcoming ‘champions’ will be sorely missed, and any five minutes of glory associated with this horse will be sorely missed, NOT the innocent, abused, DEAD horse, he’s already forgotten as the rotten racing fraternity moves quickly onto its next victim.

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