Yet Another Kill at Keeneland Today

In the 3rd at Keeneland today, says the chartwriter, Wolfe County “sustained an injury and was pulled up and vanned off.” Turns out said injury was fatal. Wolfe was four years old. For Keeneland, this is the third (confirmed) kill in the past two weeks.

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  1. I was sent an article stating That you want to have all horses be extinct???? Please tell me you were misquoted! I have been a long time advocate against racing horses, but to able extinction of all horses is absurd. I would appreciate your response, as this article does not shine a good light on your organization.

  2. As far as this horse named WOLFE COUNTY is concerned, and all of the thousands of other horses killed by the RACING INDUSTRY (past, present and future), the Thoroughbred breed of horse might as well be extinct.

    Extinction of Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Standardbreds, Arabians, American Paint Horses and Appaloosas (all breeds used for racing in the USA) is not the objective of ending the absolute ABUSE, BRUTALITY, CRUELTY, NEGLECT AND DEATH/KILLINGS of these breeds of horses.
    That accusation would be something that an industry insider would use to create confusion and disinformation. That’s what the devil does and that’s what racing industry fans and pseudo-horsemen do: create confusion and disinformation.

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