Master of the Ring Dead – Second Kill in a Week at Keeneland

According to the chartwriter, Master of the Ring “fell and was vanned off” in the 6th race at Keeneland yesterday. In fact, I have confirmed, the 5-year-old is dead. He becomes the second racing kill in the past week at Keeneland, one of American Racing’s crown jewels. (No surprise, the cowards there scrubbed the video evidence.)

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  1. Patrick, 3 across the rush to the finish. He was in the middle. Fell and then ended head up and tail and back two legs hit the ground. I got the video before it was scrubbed. The reason I knew this TVG was singing Tyler Gaffione praises that he was able to continue riding the mounts and cleared by meds. “What an athlete etc.etc.

  2. Horseracing is truly vomit-worthy and vile. I despise Keeneland. They’re so proud of themselves for all of their vomit-worthy abuse and brutality against horses.

  3. Keeneland, with the murals plastered all over the airport of horses in bucolic scenes grazing green luxurious pastures, mares with foals at their sides…
    This is how the business portrays itself to the public while hiding the ugly truth of the carnage and brutality.
    The real world of racing is a far cry from how these deceitful people promote it.

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