Practical Julia Confirmed Killed at Aqueduct

As expected, Practical Julia, an “injured, vanned off” at Aqueduct Saturday, has been euthanized. She was four years old, and this was her second race. Her first, by the way, was in February: 45 lengths back. Which brings up another evil of subsidization: Because Aqueduct is flush with unearned income – slots revenue, which ultimately comes at the expense of schoolchildren – it’s able to pay first-last. Even at 45 lengths back, Practical’s abusers – Michael Ryan, Horacio De Paz – took home $700.

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  1. Why are horses dying at all or having to be euthanized? Why are the owners not being charged with murder of an animal when they do not care for the animal in a manner of caring instead of abuse just to make a dollar.

    When are those idiots, owners, ever going to learn that they could have both, but talk about a phrase I use frequently: “Two-legged Jackasses”.

    I hope they do not treat their families like that. We would need more jails.

  2. For a Thoroughbred filly that could not be “competitive” in a race and finished 45 lengths behind in the race to get $700 (USD) just for finishing the race, is egregiously barbaric and cruel exploitation of an innocent equine victim.
    If that wasn’t OBVIOUSLY bad enough, her connections were allowed to race her again and to her death… It’s very clear that all of the people involved in this calculated abuse and brutality against young and underdeveloped fillies and colts are very cold-hearted heathens that, in my opinion, should be terminated from ALL CORPORATE WELFARE going to the horseracing industry. All of the people who abuse horses for money should have to go to jail and do some serious time confined to a very small space!

  3. Wonder why it took five days to report the obvious? Were they hoping racing fans/horseplayers would forget about poor Practical Julia if they withheld her outcome long enough? If so, they need not have bothered: the addicts who support the carnage — horse racing’s customer base — have long proven that they’re utterly indifferent to all the killings they enable with their bets.

  4. That image of todd no chin pletcher,and his main gravy train client,mike repole…I will never get that emblazoned over the top orgasim face reaction they did at the breeders cup,when repole’s horse won,while EVERYONE knew Mongolian Groom,had just catastrophically broken down in the race. That face todd made celebrating his client’s win….was soooo over the top DISGUSTING, I’ll never get that reaction out of my mind🤮. So yes Kelly…these hard core degenerates…nothing matters to them. No compassion/no soul.

  5. Watching this poor filly shakily try to get onto the horse ambulance while trying to walk on a severely broken leg broke my heart. The people involved in making her do that have a special place in hell waiting for them. It was brutal, heartless, and unnecessary.

  6. This is the kind of cruelty these horses are subjected to in a lawless enterprise, which racing is.
    We cannot expect any better from these types as long as they are granted complete autonomy from the most basic of animal cruelty laws.
    And lets not forget the SILENCE of veterinary medicine at every level.

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