4-Year-Old: “Sudden Death” at Finger Lakes

Montana’sbigsunset suffered a “sudden death during training” at Finger Lakes Saturday. He was just four years old. But fret not, for the Gaming Commission assures an “investigation” is underway.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Going by the articles and the lies about horses from the racing industry (as well as the horse-abusing horse carriage business) you would think that they would just start saying that horses are not stressed out by being FATALLY injured and that the horses like being killed. This is the kind of low-life scumball lies that horse abusers are famous for. The b******* but so-called scientific research used to try to convince people to ignore their basic instinct and common sense and common logic is just that –b*******!

  2. Seems like the New York State Gaming Commission’s “Breakdown” list is pretty jacked up lately. The omissions are glaring. Some van-offs are recorded, others not. NYRA tracks have still reported ZERO training deaths — or even incidents(!) — this year, as if we’re expected to believe their workouts are suddenly 100% safe. And misspellings abound, even of horses’ names, which are critical to public release of equine victims’ identities.
    It’s almost as if they’ve been ordered (by Gov. Hochul, perhaps?) to make NY’s Kill List every bit as exclusionary as California’s “public” racehorse death database, which is about as accurate an accounting of kills as those of all the other racing states — the ones with no public reporting standards at all.
    So it appears NY horse racing really IS just like horse racing everywhere else:
    Shady and secretive, corrupt and cruel. Hide the killings and protect the abusers. (And to think I once gave them credit for their “transparency,” ugh.)

    • I thought that might come back to haunt you (ny) they are all rotten to the core. Of course ny gov Hochul has mega billionaire Mike Repole and such types, with never ending pockets. 😒. How I loathe No Chin Todd and him.

      • In the not too distant past, there WAS more transparency in the reporting of racehorses FATALLY injured and killed not only during a race, but also during or shortly after training and also stall deaths, including the barn fire that killed only the horses of one particular trainer (hmmm?) in New York.
        During this period of time in New York, it was a big deal to emphasize that they were the “safest” racetracks with “safe” racing.
        It definitely seems evident to me that the “powers that be” in the horse racing industry in NY have adopted a new “playbook” to make it “look good on paper” (as the saying goes).
        The fact remains that they still kill horses at the same rate, for the most part, and that the infusion of government money will only slow down the rate at which the population of Thoroughbreds continues to decline. The infusion of millions of government-backed dollars will keep the new foal crop numbers from plummetimg rapidly.

        The population of Thoroughbreds is in a fairly steady rate of decline and these excuses-for-horsemen need the Corporate Welfare to remain in existence as the “most privileged” white-collar-wearing, horse-abusing, horse-doping, horse-killers in the USA.

        Wouldn’t it be so sad if a horse farm had to go out of business cranking out new foals (foals that will eventually be abused to literal death) just so these “people” can “make a so-called living”? What is truly sad is that these so-called horsemen don’t care what happens to the horses.

  3. Too bad mr never ending money,didn’t buy a REAL sport’s franchise (football,baseball…etc) to occupy his constant leisure time. Rather than killing innocent horses, he and his wife could be seen at stadiums…to satisfy his need for attention. Sad reality is…Mike Repole can keep racing in ny endlessly going on by himself alone, without all the Government handouts ny has gotten for decades. I wish this damn man would get a new interest.Please go away mr ….blah,blah,blah. Mike Repole will never allow this money pit in his beloved ny to die🤮.

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