Meetmeinkingston Killed at Gulfstream Today

Meetmeinkingston in the 8th today at Gulfstream: “pulled up under distress just past the 8th pole…euthanized.” He was five years old.

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  1. MEETMEINKINGSTON is listed as having Todd Pletcher as his trainer. The chartwriter failed to mention what the injuries to the HORSE were that “necessitated” euthanasia. He was “pulled up under distress just past the eighth pole, and was euthanized.”
    Are there any legislators in Florida that care about the cruelty to horses in Florida?

  2. Another poor soul who went through a 2 year old in training sale, then only survived 11 races after.
    I don’t know why the sick individuals in racing think these damn auctions are a good idea.
    This spring, they have pushed these babies to run a sub 10. Sick.

    • Of course, no chin todd doesn’t care about horses that aren’t owned by roly poly mike repole.

    • I think that they think it’s a good idea because they are greedy as hell! The more money in the short-term that they can get out of young, underdeveloped baby Thoroughbreds is what motivates them.

      IF they were TRUE horsemen, they would not be forcing YEARLINGS and TWO-YEAR-OLDS to carry a saddle and rider in the first place, and WHIP-WIELDING riders at that.

      It’s all about their short-term profits for the current quarter of the current year.
      As long as rich and idiotic but “powerful” people are willing to “invest” money in racehorses, these auction yards owned and operated by some of the greediest people on Planet Earth will continue their horse-killing spiral to the depths of hell.
      The owners of this HORSE have TWENTY horses listed on Equibase as their Top Horses.
      MEETMEINKINGSTON is listed as their Number One top earning horse. Now he is dead because of the uncontrolled greed and sadism of the people in this industry, which includes the greedy, stupid owners, the trainer and all the other connections of this horse.

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