And Forth Makes It Three Confirmed Kills Yesterday

4-year-old Forth has been confirmed dead (DRF) after falling in the 5th at Laurel yesterday. He is the third kill on U.S. tracks Saturday – that’s confirmed, and that’s just racing (not including training/stall). Welcome to HISA “safety,” America.

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  1. The track at Laurel was absolutely a nightmare yesterday. The jockey almost fell off in race 1. Major rain and slop. This is just a travesty that u folds everyday.

  2. I don’t know how those of you who monitor this atrocity keep yourselves sane. Are there are no laws to protect racehorses, none at all? Thank you all for your work to ban this “sport.’

    • Can’t speak for others, but I’m reminded daily being around and loving on my old OTTB that those who support racing are the insane ones. They’re probably not insane in the mentally ill, through-no-fault-of-their-own sense. I think they’ve just become that way through greed and addiction and selfishness and a stubborn disregard for life, human and equine.
      But I see and appreciate your meaning, Catherine:)

    • Catherine, there are laws to protect racehorses but not in the way that normal people would expect.
      The enforcement of any laws regarding Animal Welfare and Animal Cruelty is another story when it comes to horses.
      Regulated racing is legal. Using horses for Pari-mutuel wagering is legal.
      This EGREGIOUS CRUELTY should be addressed as a crime and treated like a crime. It’s wrong to use two-year-old Thoroughbreds for racing but the Racing Commission veterinarians will act as nonchalant as can be when he/she makes comments on the necropsy reports.
      If you have read the necropsy reports on horses killed by racing in Maryland, you can see how Dr. Daniel speaks regarding the degree of Degenerative Joint Disease in young and underdeveloped Thoroughbred colts and fillies. She doesn’t even have enough scruples to act embarrassed or ashamed. The fact that they use and abuse horses, and diseased horses at that, doesn’t seem to register anywhere on her radar that what they do to these young horses is morally depraved and wrong. It’s just Business As Usual for these morally depraved horse-abusing, horse-doping, horse-killing human beings.

  3. Patrick Batuello is the one who leads the way and is relentless. He’ll meet anyone anytime anyplace.

  4. Every day another horror story about this bullshit horse racing. These poor horses are subjected to nothing but abuse – this is beyond anything that I can even start to comprehend. OMG humans are the worst – and horse racing needs to be stopped world wide. Tragic what takes place at these tracks.

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