“He made contact with a parked vehicle and shattered front windshield.”

Ahead of my New Mexico report, a few particularly horrific cases:

On Nov 13, Miss Hussy Cartel was “scratched” in the gate at Zia – “mouth injury.” According to the jockey, the horse next to Miss Hussy moved and Miss Hussy then “attempted to start hitting her mouth on the gate.” The 3-year-old did survive and is still being raced and abused in New Mexico.

Same day, three races later, Teller Dragon “flipped [and got] hung up in the gate” – “bleeding mouth.” The trainer, Jose Gonzalez, says it was but a “freak accident, doesn’t blame anyone.” Teller is also three, and she, too, is still under the yoke in New Mexico.

Seven days later, Apollitical Papa was also “scratched” at Zia – yes, another gate incident. This time a “broken tooth” and “lacerated gums.” From the report: “[Trainer] Fred Danley stated when Apollitical flipped in the gate, he was sitting on his rear with his head between his legs. Jockey requested that the crew open the tailgate so he could go ahead and fall backward…and not get hung up under the gate. [Danley] thinks more training should be done with the starters….” Just six days after this, what I’m sure was a terrifying, painful ordeal, the 5-year-old Apollitical was taken to a clinic “for signs of colic.” The following day, he died. That poor, poor boy.

And finally, this for 3-year-old Truely Right Oct 9 at Zia: “Horse escaped from stall and ran loose in barn area. He made contact with a parked vehicle and shattered front windshield – multiple abrasions and lacerations.” Truely was not reported as euthanized, but obviously I will follow up.

This is horseracing.

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  1. If that is horse racing, then it needs to be stopped immediately!!! This is cruelty.

  2. This is just brutal beyond belief – WTF is wrong with all of these assholes involved in this so called SPORT. Seriously you bastards just need to pack up and get the hell home and away from all of these race tracks. These poor babies never deserved to be treated in this manner – 2 years old should be no where near a race track – let them grow up for Christ sakes. This horse racing is so incredibly abusive to these horses and all of these people involved from owners right thru to track administrators are all guilty of animal abuse. All of these problems that you list out all have to do with no proper training at home – you f*ckers don’t have a clue about horses. A quote to remember – “Horses are God’s way of apologizing for men.” We all need to remember this one and try and save these poor animals – f*ck the humans.

  3. These recounts are so heartbreaking, I don’t know where to begin — how much data do we NEED to show the torment, suffering and horror of Horseracing — what will it take to SHUT it DOWN — SHUT DOWN evil Horseracing FOREVER

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