It’s the Suffering Before Death

Ahead of my Illinois report, three of the more abhorrent cases there last year:

On Jul 20, Jack N John perished in his stall at Fairmount, the official cause: “multifocal hemorrhagic colitis and typhlitis.” Left unsaid in the FOIA documents was that this poor soul was 12 years old when he died and had been raced 94 times, most recently just 11 days before perishing. In that race, by the way, he finished last, 22+ lengths back, but still won $576 for his exploiters, Kevin Wilborn et al.

On Sep 24, 8-year-old Archiemyboy “pulled up” in a race at Hawthorne: “complete fetlock collapse: [multiple] comminuted fractures, ligament rupture.” The attending state vet said this: “The horse was pulled up with fetlock touching the ground. Palpation through the bandage gave the impression that both sesamoids had multiple fractures. When taken off track, there appeared to be fluid seeping through the bandages. The horse was humanely euthanized.”

“Fetlock touching the ground, multiple comminuted fractures, ligament rupture, fluid seeping” – and yet he wasn’t euthanized then and there?

Then this on 4-year-old Khozie’s Ghost at Hawthorne: “On Dec 9, horse reared up in gate, twisted around, and went over the back. The horse was hung up over the gate and struggled for a while until they were able to open the door. The horse was beat up but not showing any symptoms of back trauma until this morning [Dec 14]. The horse had swelling over the back, sat down, and was unable to get up – comminuted vertebral fracture, spinal cord compressed and lacerated. Euthanized.”

“Beat up, comminuted vertebral fracture, spinal cord compression” – she suffered like that for five days. I have no more words.

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  1. Khozie’s Ghost was claimed by Karl Broberg for Rocket Wrench Racing (in what was to be the last race she would run in) on 11-11-22. Broberg & RWR – responsible for the unspeakable suffering this young mare endured for 5 long days. Those bastards.

    (I’ve tweeted about the extreme, cruel suffering Khozie’s Ghost endured – a photo of this beautiful mare is included. Please look at her and give her the recognition she deserves.)

    You know, it’s only those of us who battle this f-ing unnecessary gambling industry who have their hearts crushed every time we become aware of another racehorse death. Racing won’t acknowledge her. Some sheeples (who become aware only because of HW) will offer a prayer (little late for that, don’t you think?) and/or a “RIP”. How freaking useless is that…

  2. I can’t help but think the IL track vets are terrible at their jobs and were the bottom of the list in their vet classes.
    Second, and I know you and I have talked about this, and are in agreement, Joy, Broberg is a POS. Just within the last week or so he’s had 2 horses “pull up and walk off”. He’s no more of a trainer than you and I are. He’s just a gambling addict playing with horses’ lives. The sad part is that many pro racing folks don’t even like him, and yet, they keep betting on his “product”.

    • Yes, Marie…every time I see Broberg’s name, the first thing that comes to mind is his (now dead) equine slave Street General. From my 8-20-2019 FB post (that includes a video of the limping Street General), this;

      “4-year-old Street General – limping back to the barn after breaking his knee winning a race for trainer Karl Broberg. The jockey stayed on his back into the winner’s circle – the winning photo was taken – Street General was unsaddled and WALKED back to his stall. No van ride for the injured Street General. Broberg took a share of his gelding’s winnings – Street General was euthanized 2 weeks later.”

      How many times has Karl Broberg extended the suffering of his racehorses?

      POS is too kind a descriptor for that monster.

  3. Yes, Joy, how useless would be the prayers and the RIPs for that poor mare. Further, how useless are those offering their prayers…
    They must know, or at least suspect, this obscene cruelty would be buried except for HW. Do they even entertain the thought that much of the cruelty in this business is never exposed.
    Do they ever pray that those responsible for such cruelty have a change of heart? Do they ever pray for an end to this sick industry?! Maybe those prayers would be more worthwhile!!

  4. Horseracing is abusing horses to literal death. This inhumane treatment of horses must be punishable by law. Our government needs to stop subsidizing Animal Cruelty.

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