Iron Soul Confirmed Killed at Rillito; Video of Double Fall at Turf

In the 1st at Rillito Sunday, Iron Soul was said (by chartwriter) to merely have “slipped at the break” before being “vanned off.” In fact, I have confirmed, she is dead. Furthermore, a witness says she never moved after going down. Iron was three, and this was her 24th time under the whip.

Same day, at Arizona’s other active track, Turf, Juana Gallo “went wrong and fell” in the 4th. Gypsy Rosie then “fell over” Juana (or as the writer put it, “the fallen horse”). Still waiting on an update, but here is how it looked:

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  1. This inhumane treatment of horses must be punishable by law and not propped up by government subsidies and government-directed benefits including tax write-offs and tax exemptions.
    If anyone wants to be a good and decent person, they can stop getting their selfish kicks from watching horses give their all for this unnecessary form of so-called entertainment. Stop turning a blind eye to the suffering inflicted on the horses.

  2. Poor Iron Soul just dropped heavily straight out of the gate. I am very curious to see what they list as her death.

  3. Arizona ….need I say more? The “nearly deads” of the midwest go there, much the same as ny’rs go to Fl. My funny as hell Aunt Kath,used to call Arizona,and Florida “throw the net” heaven’s waiting room. She was right …she was ALWAYS right. Old coots keep this BS continuing 🤮.

  4. Can’t watch the video. Well, I can, I guess, but choose not to, as I don’t care to suffer the associated nausea and week of nightmares its viewing will bring. But I’m pretty confident that it’s more proof of the industry’s complete and total inability to mitigate the horrors of horse racing — in Arizona, at Turf Pairo’Deaths, and everywhere else.
    Anyway, I’m sure many HW followers have noticed some editorializing lately in the (highly-journalistic, always credible, fact-seeking and equine-life-saving) racing press, singling out TPD for its absence of horse safety. This strikes me as even more absurd than their usual policy of never acknowledging ANY carnage whatsoever, at any of the death tracks on which they “report.”
    Hey, PR staffers: Yeah, we all know Turf Pairo’Deaths is a meatgrinder. But, so is every other track you guys market and promote in your putrid quest to grow the game. So get off their case, will you? They’re clearly doing their very best!

  5. so many Horses losing their lives. Stop watching racing Dont support this Blood sport!

  6. This is the last season of the contract that brings this blood sport to Rillito Killing Field. Please contact your Pima county supervisor and voice your stand that the contract should NOT be renewed.

    • Didn’t know that, thanks! So much negative attention on Turf Pairo’Deaths lately, the hideous killing rate of Rillito (and Arizona Downs, too) seems to get less attention.
      All three of Arizona’s Death Tracks work hand-in-hand-in-hand to act as California’s Cast-Off Racehorse Dumping Grounds.
      Is it possible there’s a Pima County Commissioner who’s NOT okay with Rillito’s disgusting abuse? (It’s clear there’s no one on the AZ Racing Commission who loses sleep over it,)

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