A Kill at Charles Town Last Night

The 7th at Charles Town last night: “Friendly Fella was pulled up with a fatal injury shortly after the start and was euthanized on the track.” Friendly was six, and this was his 43rd time under the whip. A miserable life. A horrific death.

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  1. Looking at replay..this horse didn’t look “right” from the start. Guess 10 at night, all the ones in charge have gone home.

    • At (fabulous, glamorous) Hollywood Racing in Charles Town, West Virginia, those who regularly snuff out all these horses’ lives ARE the ones in charge. (They’re the best and the brightest the racing industry can come up with.)

      • The “best and the brightest the racing industry can come up with” meaning they are all 1) very delusional, do not have the ability to reason logically, 2) have the Intelligence Quotient that prevents them from living a productive life in a normal setting, and/or 3) have the moral depravity of the devil.

  2. This gelding, FRIENDLY FELLA, was just another object to be exploited by the moral degenerate human beings that are attracted to this vile and vomit-worthy way of life. Abusing horses is what they do at Charles Town. Horses don’t deserve this abuse. These Animal Welfare code violating monsters deserve to be in jail.
    Someone with the legal authority should go into the barn area of Charles Town and gather the evidence. If the “gatekeeper” at Charles Town says something to the effect of “get the hell out of here or else” — too bad, so sad, we’re coming in anyway.

    • Wanda, like Bridget Maloney,they end up after hours when there’s no witness in the landfill dumping grounds racing socks and all. “OH Well” mentality.

  3. How did the goddamn vet allow this poor boy to race, when he pretty much broke down right after leaving the starting gate!!!!!!! How the hell did the asshole vet miss THAT?!!!!!!

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