2-Year-Old Dead at Golden Gate

Big Laugh was “foaled” Jan 27, 2021, which made her a hair over two when she began the day today. She will not see tomorrow: dead of colic at Golden Gate. She becomes the 16th kill at Cal tracks this year – this year being, of course, but 7 1/2 weeks old.

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  1. These horses just do not belong at these death trap race tracks. OMG another 2 year old – WTF is wrong with these owners, trainers, vets, etc – does this money train just never ever end for you animal abusers. So many horses killed for no reason what-so-ever except for the greed of these useless assholes that insist on racing and killing these horses. The best thing would be for a bunch of you f*ckers to drop dead on the spot.

  2. Colic can happen to any horse, do a study on all the horses that die from it in Ca. And you will be very surprised call all the Vets they will tell you.
    Can you look into BLM selling wild horses to slaughter to Mexico you want to see a Horrible site. Lots of race horses end up there. I would rather the horse be put to sleep at the track.

    • Hey Janice ….how bout we NOT kill animals period. I read an interesting article the other day about how soy protein is even healthier than they thought it already was. Can literally prevent you from getting diabetes.

    • Do you ask on sites SPECIFIC to the horrors of the BLM roundups “can you look into racehorse crippling & death here in the states? – and also look into why approximately 50% of the annual TB ‘foal crop’ (bred for racing) are butchered in slaughterhouses?”, Janice Patterson? Surely you do, correct?

    • Here we go again with any horse can get laminitis or colic. A horse doesn’t have to be a RACEHORSE to get laminitis or colic. Duh. What was your first clue? Most of the people who are against the abusive treatment of racehorses already know about the basic animal husbandry and science regarding horses and horse health and illness.
      Many people on this blog have had first-hand experience with RACEHORSES in particular and we don’t need you to talk at us as if we all just fell out of a closet.

    • “Put to sleep” makes it sound so gentle and humane – the truth is that these horses suffer horrific injuries that necessitate their death, and it comes with humans piled on top of their pain-wracked bodies to hold them down for a needle to be jabbed into their necks. More merciful than slaughter? Definitely, but imagine being held down in the dirt with both of your legs snapped off. The terror and agony these horses suffer on a near-daily basis is beyond an atrocity.

  3. It is NOT HORSEMANSHIP to exploit horses for racing. It is NOT HORSEMANSHIP to force horses to be gambling objects. The people who subject horses to this inhumane treatment must be punished instead of rewarded.
    This young, underdeveloped filly should have been out on a pasture being allowed to have a normal life instead of being locked up in a stall like a prisoner.
    Sooner or later, people who are involved with the various forms of INHUMANE TREATMENT of horses say in their twisted, sick, perverted, narcissistic defense of the abuse and suffering they inflict on horses that the horses get “Royal” treatment. Knowing that exploited horses are locked up in very small spaces for the majority of their lives, it should be noted that human prisoners in jails and prisons are locked up in small spaces for the majority of the time served. Does this also mean that the human prisoners are getting “Royal” treatment?
    The racing industry people need to get some of their own “Royal” treatment.

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