Kill #7 at Santa Anita: Big Talker “Collapses, Dies”

The 4-year-old (still an adolescent) Big Talker collapsed and died – “sudden death,” says the CHRB – in the 6th at Santa Anita yesterday. He becomes the 7th dead horse (already) at SA this year. So much for the self-styled “safest track in North America.”

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  1. The Kill Lists and the inability of this business to admit the facts, instead, cholking out a delusion that politicians fall for only because they get their palms greased.
    However, they have lost their social license and there’s no hope in hell that they will ever be accepted by the majority of people especially in California.
    Right now it’s as bad as it could be for the racehorses, but I hate to be the bearer of bad news.
    WIthin the next few years, and solely because of the subsidies, horse racing will be a public blood bath as the racehorse stock dwindles.
    Again, blood bath is an expression because horse racing has always killed racehorses.
    They just can’t cover it up anymore and facts are stubborn.

  2. Regarding the opioid crisis in human beings, the death toll is being reported as a crisis due to overdoses. Then there is the powerful sedative or horse tranquilizer drug called Xylazine used on large animals and horses, but also is mixed with illegal street drugs like opioids, heroin and cocaine that humans use.
    With the Horseracing industry being so secretive about a lot of the things they do and basically acting like they’re above the law while breaking the law, who knows what drug or combination of drugs these people dope their horses with and then send them out to the racetrack?

  3. I find it odd that California, and especially SA, seems to be the site of so many sudden deaths, as horses crumple in the dirt for unknown reasons. Wonder what drugs they are using there that don’t seem as prevalent in other states.

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