Jelly Nougat Makes It Two Kills in Three Days at Aqueduct

The chart note for 3-year-old Jelly Nougat in the 4th at Aqueduct this afternoon: “suffered an injury…near the 3/8 pole and was immediately placed to a protective hold and steadily eased up and guided outside near the head of the stretch, then got pulled up, was examined by the vet and euthanized on track.” What they’re saying is, “We know another horse was killed, but didn’t that jockey do one hell of a job!”

This is horseracing.

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  1. Yeah, ‘ protective hold’ after its too late.
    These scum abuse and torture horses DAILY.
    Get a real job. That doesn’t harm innocent animals.

  2. The kill on Saturday, that horse was 3rd. out of the gate, immediately goes next to last, still running until a dnf, on the charts?

  3. What a blood-soaked shitshow the NYRA is putting on for its fans this holiday weekend. I’ll bet Gov. Kathy Hochul is hoping no one notices all the state-sponsored, horse-killing carnage…
    (Wouldn’t want to jeopardize all that subsidy money they’re asking for. Would you, Governor?)

      • Ugh, the Stronachs must have finally given up on all their stupid, useless “Horse Safety” measures. Now they’re just breaking ’em down and vanning ’em off as fast as they ever have:(

      • Yeah, in California, Belinda’s perfectly happy to let the (pro-horse killing) CHRB make up all the excuses and absorb all the outrage from the pissed-off public. That’s what makes them “regulators,” after all.

  4. Can you look In to a racehorse by the name BIG Talker. ? At Santa Anita. Heard he stumbled and jockey had to go to hospital. Happening too much at Santa Anita again!
    I support horseracing in a safe manner but something is wrong at this track.

    • So you like racing, Janice Freidel? – lace up and have a go. Risk your own limbs and not those of a sentient being who cannot consent to the use of his body so you can have a little “fun” (that said, your own broken leg isn’t going to kill you).

    • If you support horse racing in a safe manner you must also embrace gentle bomb blasts.
      Neither one is possible.

    • Janice Friedel, that was the buzzword in 2019 when CBS News reported on the high number of horses being INJURED at Santa Anita Park. Something is wrong at this track and every racetrack that still has racing days and where horses are raced.
      If you believe that there is such a thing as “safe racing” then you should also believe that there is such a thing as a “safe game of Russian Roulette” but common sense says there is no such thing.

  5. Many times when horses suffer a life-threatening breakdown during a race, the jockey becomes UNSEATED. Being able to stay on and not fall off isn’t exactly what I think of as a protective hold, because the injured horse is DOOMED to be euthanized. It sounds so perverted and condescending in many ways to say “protective hold” but it goes with the deceptive practices of Horseracing. In this Animal-Welfare-Code-Violating business, to make it sound like they are protecting the horse when they are actually creating a smoke-screen of sorts is part of the public relations-speak to protect an industry that does not protect horses.

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