The Way Horses Should Be…

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  1. Thank you to everyone who came together with not only the funds needed to get Halos SAFELY off the track but with your words of encouragement to do so, as well.

    I will ALWAYS be grateful to the individual who took upon herself the greatest responsibility of all in the rescue of Halos and Angels – giving Halos her forever home. Thank you. ❤️

    • A loving loving video on a day designated for love!! Thank you for sharing. Bless those who sacrifice for all the creatures who need better.

  2. I will never ever forget the suffering of Halos And Angels when she was a racehorse. She was being raced into the ground and showing all the signs of becoming another death statistic. So happy to see her living as she should be. Thank you to all those who saved her from the hell she was living in. Halo is very lucky to be in the care of the kind person who has given her a forever home – as Joy points out, it’s a huge responsibility. Hundreds of thank yous to that person.

  3. **Thank you** for this lovely video.
    We all deeply ache here that so many horses — [e.g., like Halos and Angels + thousands of others] — lived & still live within that cruel, horrific misery called Horseracing; yet we’re all profoundly relieved that Halos and Angels now each have ………… lives of Good Care and Abundant Love💖, you know.

  4. So nice to see a racehorse rescued. There is a large rescue / retirement facility in California, United Pegasus Foundation. Thank you to all that rescue these beautiful animals from such cruelty

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