110th Race Today

Today (2:37) at Parx, the soon-to-be-12-year-old King’s House will be put to the whip for the 110th time. Imagine the condition of this poor animal’s body, not to mention his mind (from being locked away in tiny stalls for years). Voice your outrage (not that it matters much, but in each of his past two races, both in PA, King’s finished last):

Parx Racing Office: 215-639-9000 (ext 3515 or option 2)
PA Racing Commission’s “Integrity Hotline”: 717-787-1942

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  1. It appears that Parx has no problem at all filling its race card with cross your fingers and hope for the best outcome entrants. And I might add that nearby Philadelphia could really use the subsidies afforded to the track desperately.

  2. Hundreds of millions of dollars FOR YEARS handed out to this vile business has guaranteed widespread iracehorse cruelty and/or killings like KING’S HOUSE.
    Our genius politicians force our casinos and taxpayers to pay for a business that should have been left to rot in hell a long time ago.
    Instead of our elected politicians doing their jobs and ridding themselves of a money pit they continue to find ways to finance it, but they’re not paying for it – WE ARE in one form or another.
    I don’t see them coming up with ways to financially support things that matter to our children and to our communities like education, nursing and affordable housing.
    Instead, they are hell bent on handing out billions to this rotten business that needs to end.
    I’m sure pro-horse racing politicians are huddled right now thinking about how to support horse racing further so you can expect to pay for their underwear next.
    After all, we pay for just about anything else they do including buying racehorses with no sales taxes, hence, no money going into the public coffers just coming out.
    Perhaps we can make sure that the names of the killed racehorses who died on their tracks, are printed around the hem of the underwear.
    I’m sure they can reference this site for those names and make sure you order lots because it’s going to take a whole lot of underwear to accomodate this idea.

  3. It depends on what your perspective is on how much it matters that this horse, KING’S HOUSE, is coming in last in some of the races his connections are forcing him to run in. It matters that he’s being abused. It matters that he’s being FORCED to run in races that he’s not really even fit to place on the board; he can’t hit the board. The only reason why he is even being raced is because the industry insiders get government subsidies and the horse’s connections get a fraction of the purse money just for entering the race regardless of the order of finish. It’s just part of the sick & twisted game that these people play. The horse is being exploited in a gambling racket and that matters. It matters that he’s being abused for racing and wagering. Everything that is done to this horse matters. It matters that he’s being abused even more so when he should be retired from all exploitation. If they had an ounce of common decency to the horse, his connections would retire him and take proper care of him. It matters that his human connections don’t have this basic moral uprightness to do the right things to stop exploiting this horse and provide proper care. It matters that the racetracks and the racing Commissioners or stewards and the racing secretary/ secretaries are accepting this worn-out horse as a “valid” entry when it is such obvious CRUELTY to the horse! It matters that the veterinarians employed by this industry allow for the continued dereliction of care of this horse.

  4. KING’S HOUSE struggled with every ounce of breath and energy just to make it through this race so that his connections could make $250.
    The breeder of KING’S HOUSE is the late Eugene Melynk and he was an integral part of the ole boys club network that involved Frank Stronach when they were pulling in $350 million per year at Woodbine Racetrack.
    This coincided with opulent farms and endless breeding.
    So Melynk bred KH in the height of all this and here is this poor ole dude being forced to run at his age and being beaten.
    These people are the lowest form of parasites possible and they are supported by an industry that is lower than they are, but financed by our elected politicians.
    Is this insane or what?

    • These detestable people in this despicable gambling racket with their moral depravity could very likely make KING’S HOUSE disappear into the slaughter pipeline. If he is not rescued from racing, there is a 98% to 100% chance that his connections will kill him one way or another instead of giving him proper care. I think they will retire him to the slaughterhouse as so many other racehorses are disposed of if not killed at the racetrack.

    • So well said, Gina! It rips my heart out to think how tired, painful and just plain exhausted this poor animal must feel. I’ve seen some of the absolute best mankind has to offer, but this….horse-racing….displays humans at their absolute worst. How I wish they could all be forced onto a huge ship and dumped in the nearest ocean. They’re all so evil their flesh would be so offensive that I doubt the sharks would even eat them? I just left TWO scathing messages at the numbers you asked us to call. We’ll see if anyone at either number is brave enough to take me on! Crickets1

  5. But would he be retired or sent up to Canada to slaughter???? Worries me to demand retirement without an end game…

    • Exactly, Jody. It’s basically a lose-lose for the horse, unless someone or a group is able to provide a place for him and claim him so the horse can be retired to a decent place with decent people.
      This is the plight for so many horses and it’s so heartbreaking. 💔

    • Thank you, Rick. I was wondering about the mentality of these people who run a tired horse for the return of a $250 share of the purse money. Would they be willing to negotiate down in price to someone who isn’t going to race him anymore, do you think? Or, do they want to keep him racing so they won’t lose their stall space?

  6. When keeping tabs on a horse I put him my virtual stable. There is preliminary work to be done before a claim and it takes time…
    Sometimes the connections are willing to sell which is less complicated.

    • The best information I can find out right now is between an approximate range of (USD) $2.38 to $3.01 per lb. and that killbuyers don’t want to pay more than $700 to $800 per horse.

  7. There is a website that gives the prices of US horse meat and I don’t think this is the same price as what horses would sell for by the pound at a livestock auction. Sorry for the confusion there.

  8. KING’S HOUSE to my utter disgust is entered AGAIN to run on Jan 24 PARX Race 4.
    This 12 y.o gelding is a senior and equivalent to a senior human in a nursing home being beaten to run around in circles.
    He’s more than earned a soft landing $281,168, but horse racing knows no bounds when it comes to abusing racehorses and this is flat out inhumane treatment of KING’S HOUSE.
    He will be beaten 111th times on the 24th and these monsters know no shame.

    • Twelve years old for a horse is not horribly old EXCEPT in HORSERACING where the extreme DEMANDS made on horses for racing are UNREASONABLE and cause too much damage to the horse’s body and mind.
      KING’S HOUSE was born on April 26, 2011 so he would be considered a 13-year-old by the Universal Birthday of January 1st recognized by the horseracing industry.
      Owned by Jx Racing, both KING’S HOUSE and EMPIRE’S SCORE are entered to run in the same race at the same time (again).

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