That Poor, Poor Girl; These Awful, Awful People

Ma Coco, the poor girl I wrote about this morning, has been confirmed dead. To remind, she was “reluctant to load,” forced to race anyway, then “pulled up in distress” near the wire. My disdain for these people, and this industry, knows no depths.


  1. Everything about this so called “sport of champions” is wrong. wrong, wrong.
    The people involved in this are all animal abusers and killers of these sweet horses. All the people – everyone of them deserves the same god damn treatment they inflict upon these horses. This horse racing needs to be stopped world wide – it is horrible beyond belief.

  2. This is really sickening but you know this is the PREDICTABLE OUTCOME due to FORCING horses to run AT A FULL GALLOP just about everyday of their lives from baby-hood. This forcing of a horse to run at a full gallop under saddle with a sadistic, WHIP-WIELDING JOCKEY on her back must be recognized by law as the ANIMAL CRUELTY that it is!!!


  3. People please read the HORRIFIC saga of this dear soul filly😭BRUTALIZED at every turn in her short life. What the HELL is wrong with you scumbags who use and abuse horses to draw a paycheck to stuff your pie holes?!!!!! And ….being a granddaughter of tapit didn’t get her any mercy shown to her either. You horse racing cretins are the lowest of the low. How do you live with yourselves??

  4. The abuse and death of this horse makes me sick. I would like to see those responsible for this punished severely for animal cruelty.

    • They should no doubt be prosecuted, jailed and never be allowed to come within 150 feet of any animal or pet.

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