Firing Carol Becomes NYRA’s First Victim of 2023

The New York Racing Association, which fancies itself the standard-bearer for “safety,” has notched its first kill of 2023. In the 10th at Aqueduct yesterday, Firing Carol “suffered an injury turning into upper stretch” and was subsequently euthanized. She was four years old and under the whip for the 19th time.


  1. Only the very uninformed, gullible and naive would believe that the NYRA is the standard bearer for safety in this EXCEPTIONALLY HIGH-RISK activity known as horseracing which translates to horse crippling, horse-maiming and horse-killing all day, every day!
    The general public will never know about all of the horses that are exploited and disposed of by the human participants in this egregious cruelty to horses.
    The general public is subsidizing this horrifically abusive brutality to horses and I think there are a lot of people who are not aware of this.

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