Another Dead Rudy Rodriguez Horse

After suffering with laminitis for four days, Martinez, says the Gaming Commission, was euthanized in his stall at Belmont yesterday. The 4-year-old had been raced 14 times. For trainer Rudy Rodriguez, it’s dead horse #5 on the year – just in NY.

This is horseracing.

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  1. True to industry form, they protect the dopers, cheaters, abusers and racehorse killers.
    There’s no better example than Rudy Rodriquez.
    It should be obvious to anybody that Rudy along with many others are training for the racing commissioners and they protect their trainers while throwing the book at trainers who are independent of them to clear them out because I witnessed it as an insider.
    Most stable areas now on all USA tracks are predominantly occupied by commissioner and/or HBPA trainers who control most all activities including the drug testing barn.
    Any independent small racing stable, trainer or owner don’t have a chance up against this widespread corruption, but neither do the horses.
    Their trainers claim racehorses and either run them into the ground or kill them.
    Some of the current “walking dead’ is HAMMERIN AAMER trained by Rudy’s relative Gustavo Rodriquez who is abusing the hell out of him like all of his former trainers who have claimed him such as Linda Rice.
    This 8 y.o gelding was a stakes horse in his prime and made over $555,879.
    The abuse is not over yet, and they will keep doing this until he gets claimed again or drops dead.
    The same goes for JEMOGRAPHY a 6 y.o. gelding trained by another abuser and killer Chris Englehart. He was a stakes winner in his day who made over $462,755.
    Then there’s CHRIS AND DAVE a 9 y.o gelding whose made over $882.721 and he’s still getting abused. For example, the other day they sent him out in FREEZING COLD weather at Aqueduct to force him to workout. Then they ran him the other day where he barely made it through the race. He has been claimed so many times that it’s outrageous.
    All of these racehorses, now seniors, who have EARNED more than enough for a safe retirement are now being forced to run after multiple claims and this morally deprived industry are not done with them yet.
    Not one of these owners or trainers claim them to do the right thing, but neither did their former owners who made the bulk of their earnings opting, instead, to DUMP THEM.
    There should have been a van sent to pick up these racehorses after they ran their asses-off for these ungrateful bastards who remind us that “they are not pets.”
    This is the thanks they get after they’ve taken care of everybody whose abused them because this is horse racing and I hope I live to see the day that even one more track is shutdown or their subsidies, especially in New York, are FINALLY STOPPED!

  2. This incident of abusing and neglecting a horse, in addition to the many other horses killed by Rudy Rodriguez, for racing by a “licensed” trainer (and repeat offender) proves that horseracing violates ANIMAL WELFARE ethics and everything else regarding the morals of the whole industry.
    Serial horse-killers are AIDED AND ABETTED by all [HORSE] Racing Commissions/ Associations/ Boards.

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