A Kill at Aqueduct Yesterday

Yesterday, in the 6th at Aqueduct, Tapizearance “suffered an injury to the right front and was subsequently vanned off.” Today, we learn that he is dead, at the age of five. It should also be noted that, according to the chart, Tapizearance had to be “coaxed from the gate” immediately prior to dying. Vile people. Vile industry.

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  1. Horse racing owners care NOTHING about the welfare of any horse and are only out to make as much money out of an innocent horse as they can

  2. i do not support the Racing Industry Its Cruel and Inhumane and many other forms of Horse sports! so many young horses suffering and dying.

  3. Did you know that the infamous Saratoga hosts an abusive mangling killing pit?
    They project this image of wealth and prestige, but it’s nothing like that for the racehorses.
    In fact, about 90% of racehorses who run their first race at Saratoga wind up dead on another track, dumped to run in the cheaper claiming races where abuse is a given, or ends up at a kill auction or subsequent slaughterhouse floor.
    They are no different than any other track when you peel away the layers of the onion that they so carefully construe to the public.
    For example, the breeders of TAPIZEARANCE (Linda and Bruce McConnell) was financially supported by the people of New York via their ultra generous Racehorse Development Fund.
    After they made their money for breeding a New York bred racehorse they ran him and made the bulk of his earnings $255, 855, before dumping him, under McConnell Racing.
    It’s important to note that in his first start, as a baby 2 y.o., he finished LAST by 15+ lengths so something was wrong with him from the start that was probably pumped up and numbed out with some drugs to keep him going.
    These ongoing chronic issues caught up with him on 12/29/2022 when forced to run in FREEZING COLD temperatures, and while getting beaten into the frozen ground, he gave out – his will to live could no longer overcome the cruelty and abuse at the hands of these morally deprived parasites.
    I sure hope Linda and Bruce McConnell enjoyed their New Years Eve dinner because the racehorse that they bred, exploited, and dumped died before their first bite.

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