21st Century America or 1st Century Rome?

2-year-old First Down Icon was killed in the 2nd at Turf yesterday. The video speaks for itself. Note that, like Wednesday’s kill at Mountaineer, the announcer utterly ignores the horrific fall. Not a single word. But oh how they care.

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  2. Horse racing is disgusting. Now they have defanged HISA, especially the rules about drugging. Can’t have any rules on horse racing. 21st century Rome. The whole industry WANTS to keep doping horses. Just sick.

    • THIS!!! The paulick report published an “open letter” to HISA with over 400 signatures of horemen.
      Some of the names on there… Peter Miller, Drug O’Neill, Ivan Vasquez, all the way down to the low tier track’s frequent fliers.
      Oh- and there’s vets’ names on there also! Wonder why??

    • Drugs are not the primary reason racehorses die to the tune of over 2,000 per year. It is the incessant pounding of unformed bodies. Drugs, while obviously present, are a massive distraction.

      • With our personal experience we can say that illegal drugs & improper / illegal vet procedures figure heavily in breakdowns. We have seen horses that had SWT used on them daily everyday for 2 weeks including race day whereupon the poor mare broke both front legs & of course died. The incessant pounding of the legs & bodies of the horses with many aches & pains is covered by the so called permitted med.s. If the horse felt there pain they would be able to protect themselves better like ours do when out in our fields. All of the equine industry is full of poor practices towards the competition horses in all aspects.

    • Some of the doping will still get the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation sooner or later. If the gambling addicts who still place bets on horses feel that there was illegal doping to fix a race, they can file some legal motion; Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act.
      As far as the legal drugs go for pain-killing, they would not be able to get some of those horses to walk without the drugs, as you know.
      Horseracing is still cruel no matter what. With the HISA, the racing industry would still go forward downhill, but maybe not quite as fast, because HISA was a bad joke from start to finish. They only wanted to prolong the horses’ misery so they could continue to race longer in more races for a longer period of time. They just wanted to keep an inventory of a larger number of available horses to fill out the race cards. That’s it! That’s all!
      HISA doesn’t, can’t, won’t and could never stop the basic fundamental abuse, brutality and cruelty to horses exploited for racing and wagering and breeding and shipping to slaughterhouses.
      The people who are involved in the support of horseracing, and therefore the cruelty of it, by throwing their money to the pay window (Xpressbet, 1/ST BET and whatever else) just have to get their heads out of the sand, so to speak.

      • In my NW state the horse people are actively pursuing the idea of conducting the bull ring fair meets with NO participation in HISA! They feel that they will get other horses from outside the area coming in to fill race cards. The horse people also don`t want to pay for the costs associated with HISA too.

        • I can see that owners of Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses from Idaho, as well as several other states, would be more than thrilled to haul their horses to Oregon just for a chance to run their horses in competition.

  3. The gladiator blood sport sometimes spills over to include the perpetrator species!!
    The humans decide what risks they want to take but not so for the doomed horses.
    Also, a horse with a broken bone is done for. The humans get the ink and the outpouring of sympathy but the horse goes to the landfill or the rendering plant with nary a word or a thought!

  4. Happy you have the original, the track videographers will alter the video, make it look clean and shiny!

    These scumbags do not care about the horses, just the cash!


  5. Once again, we can all tell how much the so-called owners and racing ‘people’ really love their horses….they love them that much that they can’t even be bothered to feel ANY sympathy when one gets injured or killed. And why should they, they’ll quite happily collect the insurance money or the slaughterhouse money!!! In reality, they’re all nothing but vile, pieces of human trash.

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