Zia Has Jockeys Shaking in Their Boots

Two days ago, I reported on Luis Flores-Garcia’s back-to-back incidents of animal cruelty at Zia November 20. Now we learn that on Sunday – one day after rulings were handed down in those two cases, and the very day his two-week suspension was to start – Flores-Garcia was cited for “careless riding” while aboard 2-year-old Vintage Bourdeaux. What did the wits at Zia do? Merely tacked seven days on to the about-to-start suspension. Also in that same race Sunday, 2-year-old Pandemic, say the stewards, “was struck to the head” by jockey Gerado Vera. $250 fine. Move on.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Horseracing is CRUEL to horses. The jockeys carry the whips to inflict pain on the horses. What’s new?!

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