A Kill at Penn Last Night Too

In the 3rd at Penn last night, the chartwriter reached back for Racing’s erstwhile favorite euphemism: “Siberian broke down on the turn.” Indeed, the 4-year-old is dead, as confirmed by the complicit human atop, Tyler Conner. In addition, Jump Free “fell over [his] fallen rival.” While they say he “walked off,” we’ll see. As for the visual, the cowards at Penn saw to it that that shall be kept secret:


  1. One of the jockeys involved in this now has a broken femur and a broken shoulder. This particular typical piece of track trash (Conner), has a concussion.
    Now, I know many on here say they don’t care about the jockeys, and I agree with this. The reason I am bringing this up, is that maybe if enough of the HUMAN participants in this “sport” get hurt or killed, maybe it will actually wake up the gambling addicts that this is now a life and death “sport”, and it’s time to move on from it! One gambling addict whined on twitter that this horse’s death ruined his superfecta. Conner actually called him out for this- not so much from the “gee a horse died” aspect- but more so because his cohort was so injured.
    That being said – a young jockey in New Zealand lost her life yesterday in a 4 horse spill. Kudos to the anti racing folks in New Zealand that were gutsy enough to point out that indeed – this IS costing human lives also! What will it take to end it world-wide??

  2. The jockey was Megan Taylor age 26. I can not find whether this was a flat race or the barbaric Steeplechase. She was riding Red Orchid and no word on the horses. I did find though on Twitter several comments condemning horse racing. Marie do you have more info at this point?

    • I could not find an update on the horse either, but it was a flat race. Sounded almost as if it were caused by careless riding. (Pssst – racing folks – I don’t do careless riding in my pasture EITHER!)

      • Thank you Marie. There was an anti horseracing Twitter comment from New Zealanders and not complimentary

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