He Should Be in Jail, But Cal Racing Merely Puts Him on Probation

From the Los Alamitos Board of Stewards November 22:

“A hearing was held this morning in the Stewards’ office for outrider Juan Alferez, who was charged in a complaint filed by the CHRB for alleged violation of Rule #1902.5 – Animal Welfare. Present at the hearing besides the Board of Stewards were Mr. Alferez, Safety Steward Paul Atkinson, who appeared as a witness for the CHRB, and CHRB Investigator Stuart Ida, who presented the case.

“Mr. Alferez is alleged to have two pony horses in his care stabled at Los Alamitos that have open sores on their backs and appear to be under weight, the stalls were dirty with little bedding, water, and feed [emphasis mine]. The hearing was opened, testimony was taken, and exhibits were entered into the record.”

Five days later, the ruling came down:

“Outrider Juan Alferez is fined $500 and placed on probation for the term of his license (8/30/25) for violation of CHRB Rule #1902.5 – Animal Welfare.”

Justice, horseracing style.

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  1. They have to have something to throw out to appease the crazy animal activists while they proceed to do absolutely nothing g about the blatant and disgusting abuse.

  2. Wow! I just read that “CHRB Animal Welfare rule” on the internet. That is worded in a way that it could apply to everyone that mistreated (and killed) horses in California under the jurisdiction of the CHRB. But, obviously, this rule is not being applied as broadly as it could be (or should be), because the CHRB would “work” themselves right out of their jobs as stewards and everything else that they do as human participants in this cruel industry. At least, the investigator can call out a pony rider. If this “animal welfare” rule was applied as written to all guilty parties, the whole horseracing industry in California would be shut down.

  3. Speaks volumes about Ol’ Doc Allred’s standards of care and concern for the welfare of the animals on his property, doesn’t it? He clearly has neither (care nor concern), which comes as no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention to Los Al Horse Hell.
    When an outrider — an employee of the track — can’t (or won’t) provide minimal necessary care to his ponies, his EMPLOYER is supposed to handle the situation, before it becomes a public matter of criminal abuse. But not Ol’ Doc: time and again he proves he simply does not care about neglected, abused, and killed horses.

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