Pulmonary Hemorrhage for 2-Year-Old Tyler’s Tribe Two Races in a Row

2-year-old Tyler’s Tribe, you might remember, suffered pulmonary hemorrhage during a $1M race at Keeneland in November, with owner/trainer Tim Martin labeling it a 5 on a 1-5 scale – “It was bad,” he said.

Friday at Oaklawn, TT was back at it – and once again, he bled. Martin: “He was looking pretty good, and [when] he stopped, I was like, ‘Uh oh, something happened.’ When she pulled him up, he had blood in his nose.” Two years old, bled from his lungs two races in a row. Retire him? Not on your life. With $320K in “earnings” already, this horse is a cash cow. And in this vile business, that’s all that matters.

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  1. Oh, so NOW his abusers say they are gonna give him a real rest? Not immediately after they kicked off the carnage of the most ambulance-heavy Bleeders’ Cup in history?
    (Horse racing has always been abusive and deadly, but wasn’t HISA supposed to help curtail at least a little of the cruelty and bloodshed?)

  2. You nailed it, Patrick!!!!! In this business of extreme exploitation of horses for purse money and gambling, the money is all that matters. The horses will be exploited to their death no matter how cruel, sadistic and inhumane the treatment of the horses is!!!!! This is just so horribly wrong!!!!! This unacceptable cruelty to horses MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!

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