“Accident” Fells 2-Year-Old at Los Alamitos

The CHRB has disclosed the death of 2-year-old Sugar Girl at Los Alamitos Saturday – “accident, pending.” She is the 19th (admitted) kill there this year.

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  1. The (highly-transparent, super-credible) CHRB seems to have some categorization problems with their (all-inclusive) Equine Fatalities List. The esteemed Board won’t admit it, but poor Sugar Girl clearly succumbed to a “Racing” accident that was “Musculoskeletal” in nature; she was a late vet-scratch from Los Al Horse Hell’s Race 4 on Saturday. (Guess she ran off to kill herself, rather than be subjected to further abuse. Right, Doc?)
    Either way, regardless of how they (mis-)label the carnage, all that super-safe safety the CHRB delivers is really paying off for their equine victims.

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