Two Horrific Falls at Lone Star Friday

Friday at Lone Star, two horses fell and were subsequently “vanned off.” Unfortunately, statuses will have to wait for my FOIA, but judging by the looks…

3-year-old Js Mortgage Breaker in the 2nd race:

2-year-old Mercys Bling in the 4th race:

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  1. That was very strange how MERCYS BLING came out of the gate and immediately unseated the rider. It almost looks like the horse bucked, but I can’t see exactly what happened there. It looks very strange to see the horse in a sitting position on the track in front of the starting gates.
    Forcing horses to race at two years of age is just so horrifically wrong, besides all the other things that are horrifically wrong about horse racing!

    • I would say broken back, or pelvis, most likely. I saw this happen at the track when another horse ran into the back end of another horse during training. She sat on the track until the vet, who thank goodness was there right away, put her down. The vet speculated that the collision broke her spine and paralyzed her hind end.

      • I was thinking fracture or fractures of the pelvis and/or spine also. If the fractures were limited to the legs, the horse would be trying to stand up on at least three legs, I think.

  2. Poor Js Mortgage Breaker. His connections were hell bent on killing him. A few races ago, he fell over the inside rail during a race. I wouldn’t even say “fell”. He literally heavily flopped on his side. I can’t imagine he wasn’t terribly body sore and traumatized from that. Now this. If he survived this… I can only imagine he will be out racing again in a week or so.

    • I can’t imagine how JS MORTGAGE BREAKER could possibly survive going face down on the racetrack in the dirt. The morally depraved people who are responsible for this cruel treatment of a horse could prolong his suffering in some sadistic way, but I don’t think this horse will ever be able to run again.

  3. Let me remind folks that Texas is a state who has fought even the most minimal oversight of their industry very aggressively so they can operate with virtual impunity.
    Years ago a few of us tried to conduct a peaceful demonstration outside of Retama Park and we were threatened with our lives “we will shoot you if you stand out there,” – things like that so we decided that our safety took precedent and didn’t go forward.
    Just for the record, we got very little assurance from local authorities that they could or would protect us during the demonstration if we decided to go forward with it.
    Historically, Retama Park was about to shut down forever (around 2000) as it should, and evidently development projects, worth millions into the public coffers, were already in the making, but up stepped horse racing’s knight in shining armor – Frank Stronach.
    Under former Magna Entertainment Group they went in and convinced politicians (like he did in so many other states) that he would restore Retama Park and Lonestar Park to its former glory receiving in return millions in Texas taxpayers money and unprecedented tax breaks with extensive corporate welfare deals.
    As a result of his backroom meetings, with little to no public input, all of the development projects were put on hold and the industry fought back hard to keep their business going.
    Well his “vision” to restore horse racing to glory never happened and, as it turns out, the financial beneficiaries was Frank Stronach and his group of politicians who approved it.
    Of course the racehorses were and still are the biggest losers, but so was stable help who never got their upgraded dorms or increases in pay as promised.
    Of course the HBPA got their cut like they always do.
    The facts and statistics clearly show a business steadily declining and no amount of money will ever make it financially independent in the majority of states in the USA making it a total waste of taxpayers money and/or corporate welfare.
    The last time I was there as an active owner/trainer around 2005 what I witnessed was horrible and no living being should be forced to endure what those racehorses did.
    There was a severe shortage of vets and stable help which all amounted to widespread suffering, cruelty, abuse and dying with no oversight whatsoever.
    There were racehorses standing in their stalls with manure up to their knees because they couldn’t get stable help.
    They were bringing in undocumented workers to fill the gap and there was widespread crime in the stable area that was not handled by outside police forces.
    Racehorses were standing in their stalls with severe injuries and no medical help.
    It was a torture chamber for racehorses and the stands were empty most of the time.
    There were vans being loaded up with suffering and crippled racehorses onto trucks bound for Mexican slaughterhouses.
    Also, the surrounding residential neighborhoods have been fighting to get rid of the track for years due to the odors and ground pollution that all seems to get covered up by the politicians.
    It’s a horrific and bleak situation for the racehorses and it only stands to reason that they don’t want oversight to expose what’s going on there.
    Racehorses like JS MORTGAGE BREAKER and MERCYS BLING continue to pay the price.
    The property that Lonestar Park sits on is so valuable that it would fill the public coffers for years to come if it was sold.
    It’s the same pattern all over the place and we know that the biggest losers are the racehorses, but so is the human labor, taxpayers and the public coffers.
    It just needs to be shut down and placed on the nearest manure pile where it belongs.

    • IN my betting days, we used to go up to Saratoga every year for a week, sometimes two.

      About seven or eight years ago, we were seated at our regular table in the Turf Terrace restaurant, when one of my buddies whispered to me, “Hey Joe, do you know who that is at the next table… that’s Frank Stronach!”

      My response then would probably be the same now. “So what?”

      “Joe,” my friend continued, “he’s a big deal in racing! “He’s probably here to see one of his horses run!”

      “I’ll repeat, so what?”

      “Tell him to get me the winner of the next race and I’ll be impressed,” I said.

      Well, my friend ran off at that, but I continued to quietly observe Mr. Stronach.

      He never got up from his table; he was surrounded by his minions who got up to place all his bets for him. He seemed rude, quiet, but obnoxious, and treated the wait staff like trash. He was unfriendly towards everyone and expected the entire world to cater to him because of who he his. Me, I ignored him, although my observations were pretty clear,

      He was a jerk then and probably still is now.


    • There were some Jockey Club registered Thoroughbred horses advertised online in a drought year in Texas; I can’t remember exactly what year this was now, but it was after 2012 and before 2019. The person that was advertising had a chestnut gelding for sale for $500 due to the drought and a few broodmares with foals or pregnant and a young colt not yet raced. It rained in Texas about a year after I saw these horses advertised. The background where these horses were photographed was typical Texas landscape with a few trees. It certainly was not anything regal looking as one might imagine with this bloodsport being billed as “the Sport of Kings” (by the Jockey Club) if a person didn’t know any better.

  4. the horse slaughterhouse sen doherty v otgred to givde nj tax dollars to horse racing so yhayt horsses can participate in this horse slaughterouse

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