No Biggie, Just “Squeezed Along the Rail”

According to the chart for the 7th at Mahoning yesterday, Little Empire “was squeezed along the rail…and unseated her rider.” Here is what that – again, “squeezed along the rail” – actually looked like:


  1. Hose racing is evil, all about money. Thoroughbreds are glorified slot machines. What a horrible fate for such beautiful animals. I am completely on board with what Horse Racing Wrongs is doing. Thank our lucky stars for you, and the horses thank you, too!

  2. Racing horses on a flat track is not too much different from running horses off of a cliff in that they are definitely going to get hurt, some sooner and some later. It’s a high-risk activity that puts the safety of the HORSES at high-risk of injuries and death. In other words, racing horses is NOT SAFE anywhere or at anytime.
    The ABC’s of horse racing are abuse, brutality, cruelty and death to the horses as well as the greed of the people who are involved in this barbaric bloodsport for gambling, purse money, entertainment, bragging rights and ego trips.
    All this egregious cruelty supported by government subsidies and government-directed benefits including tax write-offs needs to be stopped. The government support to this barbaric bloodsport must be stopped!
    The ABUSE of the horses must be recognized as the Felony Animal Cruelty that it is every day, all day. It’s cruel to confine these gregarious herd animals in box stalls for 23 hours a day. Ten hours a day in a stall is long enough for horses, then let them have some grazing time in a clean pasture/ paddock. Horseracing must be punishable by law beyond breaking the laws regarding doping which include the use of illegal drugs on horses.

  3. This poor horse’s mouth, first of all. The sheer terror she must have felt too! I have seen horses get peeled open by these safety fences- so I can’t imagine she didn’t come back with some sort of laceration(s). I saw the race replay- she almost went over the fence a few times while scrambling to stay on her feet.

  4. Will LITTLE EMPIRE ever be raced again?
    (Also, I would like to know what they did to DREAM MARIE, a Gray/Roan mare last raced at Gulfstream Park. Her last race was on December 18, 2021. She is listed as a DNF. I was not able to find her name on the 2021 Kill List. Also, it is staggering to see so many horses’ names while going through the list of racehorses killed that we know of through the FOIA requests.)

  5. Looks like Reckless riding but there will be no consequences. Nobody gives a damn about the horse in this business unless he is a big earner and of course it is the money and not the horse that is the real concern even then!!

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