2-Year-Old Collides With Another Horse, Dead at Belmont

2-year-old Black Coffee Blues at Belmont Monday: “collid[ed] with another horse…euthanized.” He is the 36th (admitted) kill at Belmont this year, 88th at all NY tracks.

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  1. BLACK COFFEE BLUES (NY) a baby in diapers bred for millions of dollars in government approved subsidies.
    Even worse, bred by Sequel Stallions New York et al who is owned by Becky Thomas a full-fledged pinhooker who was caught doping baby horses for the 2 y.o in training sales in Florida back around 1999 – 2003 where she made a fortune!
    Stable staff at the sales complained about the needles being shoved into these babies with some dropping dead in the stall.
    At the time, her business partner was a vet – BINGO!!
    She was known around the business for giving generous bonuses to Exercise Riders for beating the crap out of a 2 y.o to get the best timed workout which increased their sales price by hundreds of thousands of dollars.
    During her intense scrutiny for doping she fled Florida relocating to New York and she stated this: “inspired by the alternative gaming revenue in New York I will be relocating there to build a breeding and sales business.”
    Hence, Sequel Stallion owned in conjunction with business partner Dennis Narlinger.
    This is what NY taxpayers are supporting and this:
    At Aqueduct today in the 8th race it was a 3 horse field for the allowance purse money amount of $87,000 – outrageous waste of public subsidies!
    1st place $55,000/2nd place $20,000 and last $12,000.
    Imagine, just for one moment, the NY State Lottery having the prize set at $87,000 and only selling 3 tickets in the entire state of NY?
    Two of those tickets were sold to the same trainer who took 1st and 2nd because she’s connected right into the commission office, was found guilty of serious criminal activity, was supposed to be suspended and is STILL TRAINING!!
    That would be serial racehorse killer Linda Rice and she’s probably still doing the exact thing that she was found guilty of in her court room battle.
    The corruption rages on.
    Nevertheless, what a waste of money and the NYRA has the audacity to ask our government politicians to lend them $450 million in state-backed bonds??!!
    Then this.
    There are a few racehorses that I’m watching and in Race 4 my heart goes out to former stake horse CHRIS AND DAVE – this 9 y.o gelding has been beaten with the whip no less than 84 times not including morning workout hours. This gelding in his prime has made over $880,381 with the bulk of those earnings in his younger years and then his owners did what most of them do: DUMPED HIM into the claiming gallows.
    Hey pal thanks for the $700,000 nice to know you and thanks to the industry who permits assholes like us to dump a racehorse after he’s made this money for us and guess who is original trainer was?
    JORGE NAVARRO so you can only imagine what was dumped into CHRIS AND DAVE to win the money and the fact that he’s still running and being beaten clearly shows an industry who is completely devoid of any compassion or caring.
    He’s been claimed numerous times and he’s sliding down the claiming ranks.
    Today, he barely made it through the race and it was heartbreaking to watch it – replay that I didn’t support horse racing just for the record.
    How can anybody support or participate in this vile business and watch a poor racehorse like CHRIS AND DAVE be denied his safe grassy pasture that he so deserves?
    He earned it and so did HAMMERIN AAMER same situation has made over $555,000 and dumped into the claiming ranks where he got claimed yet again today.
    There is no amount of money that these racehorses can make to secure a soft landing.
    These parasites will drain every single drop of sweat, blood and life out of them all supported by an industry that seems to regularly partake in sadism.

  2. No matter how much the NYRA spokesperson lies about how safe their racetracks are, this kind of thing happens and it will continue to happen as long as there are no laws to put these horse-abusing, horse-doping, horse-killing human beings behind bars for Animal Cruelty and ABUSE in this egregiously CRUEL industry.
    Terminate the government subsidies and government-directed benefits to horseracing in New York! They’re being rewarded for something that they should be punished for. How messed up is that!!!!!

  3. The fact that so many of these babies collide with each other just proves that they are running terrified out of their minds down these tracks trying to escape the pain inflicting predator on their backs. There is no training involved – just stay on and flail away toward the finish line.
    I hope karma bitch slaps these people real soon.

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