Another Dead 2-Year-Old, This One at Golden Gate

Yesterday, Beautiful Lavender perished at Golden Gate Fields. While I can’t tell you under what circumstances (CHRB has yet to release that info), what we do know is that Beautiful was just two years old and being prepped for his debut.

This is horseracing.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL LAVENDER is another two-year-old Thoroughbred exploited for racing and wagering that will be quickly forgotten by most of the people in horseracing and never heard of by many people, both insiders and outsiders.
    This industry abuses, dopes and kills horses. That is what they do. This is how they roll. The laws need to be changed to address this outright cruelty to horses.

  2. Horse racing is a parasitic nest that uses and abuses living beings on all scales with little to no redemption or remorse.
    The racehorses are voiceless victims, but even the human labor are exploited for their lack of education and choices with low pay, little to no benefits and high risk for personal injury.
    Discrimination against women is widespread and continues to this day, but I find it puzzling that female politicians who claim to be “pro-women” and all of that jargon are actually the ones approving millions in subsidies to keep them going.
    They’ve never ordered a neutral investigation into their labor practices that would prove the widespread discrimination against women.
    Millions in subsidies are just handed over, every single year, with little to no inquiries or neutral oversight or not even the most basic scrutiny and no caveats.
    This money permits and guarantees, not only widespread suffering and dying of racehorses, but also widespread antiquated labor and business practices that are virtually non-existent in the rest of American and Canadian workplaces.
    Elected politicians need to start doing their job and they need to press the reset button on this entire business and this couldn’t come soon enough for the racehorses who suffer on a massive scale for their exploiters.

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