Ugliness at Delta Downs

The official line for 3-year-old Luck of the Stars in the 9th at Delta last night was “fell, vanned off.” Here is what that looked like…

While I don’t have a confirmation (on death) yet, re-watch the clip and tell me how that even matters. That poor, poor horse.

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  1. “LUCK OF THE STARS is between rivals… Oh! We had a horse go down…” (LUCK OF THE STARS is the horse that went down.) Things are happening too fast in this race for this announcer to keep up without a time delay. The pace of the race is a bit on the slow side for Thoroughbred horse racing. The announcer is busy talking about where the horses are in the race. (LUCK OF THE STARS was between two other horses until he abruptly fell down and rolled from the momentum.)
    The announcer calls that “LUCK OF THE STARS is between rivals” after the horse had already fallen down. It looks like the horse is not ever going to get up. He is lying down on the ground and doesn’t appear to be trying or struggling to get up. He is no longer a viable gambling object. This is obviously his last race before euthanasia.
    The jockey had a choice to be involved in this abuse of horses and it doesn’t look like he is moving at all. The horse is and/or was chattel. This is an example of horses not being protected from abuse and the daily routine brutality and cruelty horses are subject to on purpose by human beings.
    *Horseracing Is Animal Cruelty*

  2. According to PR, the jockey has facial injuries from the fall. The horse was “vanned” off. No word on the status of poor horse with this update about the jock tho.

    • Thank you, Nancy. Of course, it is no surprise whatsoever that the PR doesn’t report on the horse.

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