At Least 10 Horses Ambulanced Off U.S. Tracks Yesterday

No fewer than 10 horses were ambulanced off U.S. tracks yesterday. Again, 10 horses, one day. FOIAs will determine how many are dead.

Twentytwenty Hoax, Churchill
G’s Deadline, Delta
Upandover the Moon, Evangeline
Cyclone Slew, Golden Gate
Midnight Symphony, Golden Gate (after being “washy in post and prior to loading”)
Olympic Fencer, Gulfstream
Midnight Parade, Penn
United Patriot, Remington
Cajun Spice, Tampa Bay
Lippy, Turf

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  1. Midnight Symphony was not well prior to being loaded into the gates and nobody noticed…?
    His trainer/handler would’ve most certainly known something was amiss with him.
    As for the on-duty vet, pfftt. Most are quite skilful at turning a blind eye. What a bloody joke these vets are in the horseracing industry.
    And the jockeys know how a horse is feeling underneath them but they either don’t give a damn or if they question the welfare of their mount they’re likely not to get booked for another ride

  2. The people who do these things to horses for money and entertainment and boast about the jobs that this industry provides are nothing more than rotten-to-the-core-horse-killers. They need to be punished for felony animal cruelty. All government subsidies and government-directed benefits including tax write-offs need to be terminated from this horse killing bloodsport.

  3. A good ol day of fun filled racing in America. Sickos. I can only imagine how many more were injured while racing, and how many others were injured or died while training in the morning all around the US yesterday. So many we will never know about either!

    • Exactly. We probably won’t know the truth about most of these if the hilariously-titled Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority is allowed to keep its unconstitutional ass in its current state (as a thoroughbred racing industry marketing and trade group).
      But, what if HISA is forced by the courts and the FTC to exercise some actual integrity and publicly release their TB Kill List?
      I’m guessing that list is about 500 dead horses long:(

        • Yes, because you only deal in FACTS — which is very fortunate for all the Dead-Horse Hiders in the racing industry. If the true number of HISA-registered (thoroughbreds only) who have been killed since July 1 was readily publicized, I believe your number would greatly increase, and probably more than double.
          Which is another reason HISA officials will never, ever release that list; too much INTEGRITY is required.

  4. Keeping the public in the dark, and attempting to hide as many fatalities as possible is par for the course with the Thoroughbred racing Industry.

    They have to.

    I firmly believe that the general public at large has no idea about the scope and magnitude of these awful and unnecessary deaths. I certainly didn’t. And I was at the race track betting almost every day.

    As a former bettor, I would never have guessed that 500 or more horses die within a year from racetrack-related injuries. I always thought that a ‘breakdown’ was a rare and unusual event, and I know all my wagering buddies felt the same, too. Most of us knew that some trainers were, as we used to call them, ‘butchers’. But again, we always thought they wee few and far between. Let’s face it, there are ‘bad apples’ in every bunch.

    But after the ‘Baffert’ scenario regarding the eventual ‘DQ’ of the winner of Kentucky Derby, the ‘Navarro’ sting, and the rash of breakdowns at Santa Anita , I think, about a year or two ago, it’s becoming really, really difficult to ignore the corruption that is rife within this industry.

    Unquestionably, the racing industry will go to great lengths to hide these fatalities, but when you think about it, they can’t do it forever.

    Yes, I never knew. But I know now, and that’s why the racetracks no longer get my business. Once again, I urge anyone who bets on horses to leave this cheating, lying, corrupt game that you can’t win because they have rigged it against you.


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