Two More Kills in California

Pistachio Princess, four, suffered what the CHRB is calling “sudden death” at Los Alamitos yesterday. While they’re filing it as non-track-related, Pistachio had a timed workout Saturday. No matter, it’s an industry kill either way.

Also, and belatedly, the CHRB says Dub Town succumbed to colic last Wednesday at Golden Gate. He was six years old and had been put to the whip 29 times.

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  1. One only has to read about the Pennsylvania racehorse SHANIDAN
    and then you know what goes on.
    SHANIDAN suffered a horrifically cruel life in the hands of the horseracing industry.
    SHANIDAN’s story is far from being a rare occurrence, in fact cases like his are not uncommon with the great majority unreported.
    This abhorrent animal cruelty has been occurring for many decades, is occurring today, tomorrow, this week, next month and will continue to happen. There’s no escaping the fact that animal cruelty is inherent in racing, always has been and always will be.

  2. How is this for a “technicality”…? If the California Horse Racing Board prefers to say that the “sudden death” of PISTACHIO PRINCESS was a “non-track-related” death, we can say that this sudden death of PISTACHIO PRINCESS was a “California-Horse-Racing-Board-related” death, because the members of the CHRB are responsible for making it possible for all of the horses at California racetracks to be exploited at racetracks as racehorses and for the horses to be constantly subject to this inherent CRUELTY as well as keeping people on board who have known violations of the doping/drugging “rules” of which (Dr.?) Jeff Blea is one.

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