2-Year-Old Killed Training at Santa Anita

Majestic Sam, says the CHRB, was killed training at Santa Anita Saturday – the 13th (admitted) death there this year. Majestic was two and being prepped for his debut.

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  1. Have just been reading an article about HISA is likely going to be ruled illegal & not able to be enforced. So much for new rules about national standards for racing! Another article we were reading stated how off shore betting can manipulate betting pools! Why anyone would participate in this crooked , crummy, gamboling game is beyond our comprehension. So sad that another young horse has to die before experiencing a real life within a herd of his own.

  2. Ugh. I don’t want to even imagine how ghastly this poor baby’s injuries must have been for his killing to be admitted by the super-transparent, highly credible CHRB on their not-exclusionary-at-all Equine Fatalities List. (We all know it was a particularly gruesome, horror-show spectacle if the SADT vet made the decision to put poor Majestic Sam down immediately, right there on track property.)
    This admission means the Stronachs will have to redouble their efforts on the Horse-Killing Secrecy Scams they’ve used so successfully lately.

    • “Being prepped for his debut” also means he won’t be showing up on Equibase. What in the world happened to this innocent young baby colt that should never have been anywhere near a racetrack AND with the *Stronach’s* “Dead Horse(s) Killed on Racetracks Master Shell Game/ Relocation Plan to Hide the True Number of Horses Killed By Racing & Training Loophole” in place, would it have been really that tough to hide the killing of this young abused-to-death-by-racing/training colt? I can only imagine the ghastly horror.

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