4-Year-Old Dead in Saratoga Stall

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that Iamcuziwannab was euthanized for undisclosed reasons in her stall at Saratoga (harness) this morning. The 4-year-old was slated to be raced this afternoon. Now, she is dead.

This is horseracing.

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  1. This is so creepy! What they do to these horses is abominable. This barbaric bloodsport must be punishable by law and shut down.
    Stop the government subsidies and the government-directed benefits including tax write-offs for the abusive exploitation of horses.
    This abuse and brutality against horses must be stopped.
    Saratoga is a killing field. It should be closed.

  2. The New York State Gaming Commission has the audacity to publicly state that this young filly, a servant to the horseracing industry, was euthanased for “undisclosed reasons” in her stall at Saratoga racetrack.
    I suspect that the reason she was killed was because her injury and/or condition was as a result of serious neglect or just too awful to publicly disclose.
    Sickening and sinister.

    • I feel like they’re saying, “none of your business” indirectly by saying “undisclosed reasons” but it is the business of the public. The public is subsidizing this horrific abuse and neglect and killing of horses whether anyone likes it or not. I feel that the majority of people would be against this industry being supported with government subsidies and government-directed benefits, if the majority of people knew just how bad and how rampant and widespread the inhumane treatment of horses is in the racing industry.

  3. Really makes you wonder if it was one of their “concoctions” that they regularly jab their horses with that had a fatal reaction.

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