Defend This: 2-Year-Old Collapses and Dies in Her First Race

At Aqueduct today, Stormy Lass, under the whip for the very first time, came in last, some 40 lengths back. Then, she collapsed and died. Collapsed and died – at the age of two. While this is the 84th NY kill on the year, it should only take this one – a baby crumpling, dying in her first race – for all New Yorkers of good conscience to forever forswear this rotten industry. As a postscript, the chartwriter also notes that Stormy was “fractious in the gate.” “Fractious,” because she knew her body was about to give out? Unfathomably cruel. Unspeakably sad. Horseracing.


  1. These kinds of events is why we walked away from this industry in 2005 after participation starting in 1977. The majority of racing people DO NOT listen to the horses & rationalize traumatic events such as this. Can`t imagine a young horse like this never being allowed a full life to live! Sad indeed!

  2. dont they ck these horses by a vet before they race – sounds like her heart gave out

  3. Obviously, they didn’t give a crap about the filly. The owners, the trainer, the racing secretary, the TRACK VET, the STATE VET, the whole shooting match didn’t care. She was a gambling object, you know, a betting interest.
    This was the whole point of having a racehorse anyway, right? Why else would this despicable industry have pari-mutuel wagering on horses if it were not possible to exploit the h*** out of the sentient beings that have a natural ability and characteristic of running away from danger and yet have the degree and type of brain, muscle and nerve development that makes them easy to exploit? Horses are constantly and continually BETRAYED by their human connections as a matter of record and routine.
    People who exploit horses for money are despicable people, especially when they are making the same violations of human decency over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

  4. Don’t worry…the POS owners and trainers ALL love their horses and treat them like family….Yea right, treat them with NOTHING but abuse, just like they should do to their own ‘babies’…..This poor, innocent ‘baby’ hadn’t even started life but now its gone, finished, ended up as rendering or dog food….still, the POS owners and trainers will just move on to another innocent victim.

  5. It should only take this one horrific example. of STORMY LASS, for NY politicians to END THE SUBSIDIES!
    This story should be splashed on every single NY TV and radio station for all to hear.
    Every single politician should be exposed to this information and so should NYorkers and then they should be challenged as to why they continue to hand over hundreds of millions of dollars to these killing creeps!
    Politicians need to press the reset button on horse racing and do their jobs.
    In the past, they rubber stamped this obscene amount of money because it’s easier to do that instead of looking at the other business possibilities and, of course, horsemen groups keep warning about the loss of job when really more jobs would be created when these hell holes are replaced with developments.
    It’s so long overdue to END THE SUBSIDIES so that horrific stories like STORMY LASS and the continued over breeding for subsidies will, most likely, end – or be greatly reduced.

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