Yes, It Was the Horse’s Fault That He Slammed His Head

In the 5th at Churchill Nov 2, Mint, said Equibase, “slammed his head” on the starting gate. In their report, the stewards added this: “After reviewing the replay and interviewing the starter, [we] determined that the horse caused his own trouble when he reared at the start.” Yes, it was the anxious, stressed, maybe terrified – oh, and enslaved – horse’s fault that he “slammed his head.”

Same day, the stewards say, Western River “suffered an injury and required the assistance of the horse ambulance.” The 3-year-old was then “transported by his connections to a Lexington clinic.” Could be one of those lost dead – you know, what happens off-site is none of our (Racing Commission) business.

Lastly, next day, the sales of 2-year-old She’ll Never Know and 3-year-old Loma Vista were “voided when they were placed on the Vet’s List while in the test barn.”

This is horseracing.


  1. This appears to be a euphemism for racing insiders to say that an injured racehorse was “transported by his connections to a Lexington clinic” and then the racing industry insiders can do a version of the shell game with the injured/killed racehorses. Where, oh where, is the horse, alive with life-threatening and/or disabling injuries or killed by the “devastated” connections?

  2. The facts need to still be shown and continue the push to stop horse racing. The race trackers love to say that it is the horse’s fault. So easy, so convenient but truly disgusting.

  3. My blood is boiling — the AUDACITY — the depraved LIES — over and over — my heart breaks for the vulnerable, innocent Horses who have NO CHOICE in the matter — from Day #1, they’re deprived of living normal Horse lives — again, I need to hurl — SHUT DOWN horrific Horseracing FOREVER.

  4. It is always the fault of the human negligence and cruelty to the horses that causes the accidents and deaths of horses.

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