How Can They Expect One Person to Handle the Tarps?

I previously reported the death of Song for Someone after “winning” a race at Montpelier Nov 5: “within 30 seconds it was apparent he was expiring and died very quickly.” In addition, there were these that day:

Race 1: “Rum Bobby was scratched by vet as he was lame in the pre-race exam.”

Race 2: “Top Brass was scratched by vet as he was lame in the pre-race exam.”

Again, these horses were lame – yet their “connections” tried to race them anyway.

Race 3: “Diva of Seville pulled up before the last fence…. This horse has not completed a course in her four tries over jumps and is on the Stewards’ List for poor performance. The trainer indicated that this was her last attempt at running.”

So nice that it only took four straight “DNFs” – all this year – for her people (trainer: Casey Pinkard) to cut her loose (from racing). Where she ends up is anyone’s guess.

Still in Race 3: “Refi returned lame.”

And finally, this closing remark from the stewards: “The horse ambulance needs to have two people…. One person is not enough to handle tarps etc.”

This is horseracing.


  1. Have always disliked the tarps! The public needs to see what happens to horses they`re betting on. Never have liked jumps races either.

  2. Oh dear, more help needed to get the tarps up to hide –
    the gruesome goings on with a seriously injured horse and doing whatever it takes to get him on the ambulance to avoid killing him on the track
    (only occasionally do they kill the horse on the track after inhumane attempts to get him in the ambulance fail).
    This sinister stuff makes my blood run cold.

  3. Obviously, the show of cruel indifference to the horses must go on for these morally depraved monsters regardless of the degree of vile, despicable, disgusting abuse, brutality, cruelty and causing harm to the point of DEATH to horses that happens as a predictable outcome in this brainless exercise in human stupidity.

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