Finger Lakes, Again – 2-Year-Old Killed While Training

Another day, another kill at Finger Lakes Racetrack. Today, Thewheelsonthebus broke down (shoulder) while training and was euthanized. She was two years old and being prepped for her first race. For FL, this is the third kill in four days, 16th on the year.

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  1. Geez, Finger Lakes. You guys are on (another) horse-killing roll, aren’t you? Imagine how many kills you’d have racked up by now if you weren’t paying dues to the recently-formed (and hilariously-titled) Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority. (Probably a LOT more, since HISA’s Super-Safe Horse Safety Measures are really and truly proving to be highly effective in reducing fatalities…)
    Just kidding! The fine folks at HISA seem to be struggling with the fact that every bit as many racehorses are breaking down and being killed now that they’re “regulating” TB racing than before they came on the scene. Quite possibly even MORE. But, hey, they’re dealing with it well. (Since, by not admitting ANY horse deaths at all, they’re definitely proving to the public what a great job they’re doing, horse safety-wise;)

  2. Today, Thursday, November 17th, she was killed by her connections in this vile, despicable, disgusting and vomit-worthy “game” and this evening it is 32° Fahrenheit in Farmington, New York according to the website for weather. Buffalo, NY is bracing for up to four feet of snow according to reports.
    The United States Postal Service must deliver mail in all kinds of weather. Do these rotten-to-the-core-horse-killers need to conduct horse killing activities in all kinds of weather too?

  3. Racehorses are dying and will continue to die as long as politicians continue to financially handout hundreds of millions in subsidies to horse racing in their respective states.
    Unfortunately, and truly sad is the fact that racehorses dying on a daily basis is not enough to shut these hell holes down and we know that this is the tip of the iceberg.
    The widespread cruelty, neglect and abuse is found both on and off the track with the most recent horrific example (posted on the BH) SHANDIAN whose story of neglect is all too common.
    The breeder of SHANDIAN actually tried to do the right thing.
    She followed the horse during its races and saw that it was in poor shape and needed rescue.
    She wanted to bring Shandian back to her farm to live out his days (a rarity in horse racing), and it was during this process that she was exposed to the dark underworld of horse racing including “program training,” which is very common on the tracks.
    Turns out, Shandian was euthanized without her consent and all the while she was paying the bills to the transitional farm.
    The video of this pathetic neglected horse is on the PR site and this vile business can never justify why a horse in this horrific condition was still forced to run!
    How in the hell could people in the stable area watch this horse go out to the the track and train, with ribs and topline showing, and not report this?
    How in the hell could state and private vets see the daily abuse and neglect of this horse and not report this, instead, clear Shandian to run?
    SHANDIAN ran in both New York & Pennsylvania where the purse money is high directly due to the millions in subsidies handed out by our elected politicians.
    These tracks are rife with widespread cruelty, abuse, dumping and deep corruption.
    It’s long overdue for politicians to END THE SUBSIDIES!

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