Quite an Opening Weekend: Yet Another Horse Collapses and Dies at Del Mar

As mentioned yesterday, Del Mar proudly bills itself the “safest track in America.” Well. The opening weekend of its much-anticipated “Fall Meet” has surely left the market department scrambling. Two days after 5-year-old Kazuhiko collapsed after a race and died, yesterday, Coast of Roan, six, did the same. Said (to Del Mar Times) the track’s chief vet: “He had a faint heartbeat when I reached him, but it was quickly gone.” Trainer Jeff Mullins added, “Devastating.”

This is horseracing.


  1. With the body of knowledge in the field of equine practicioners and the whole racing industry, do you think they have any clues as to what the cause might be? (Sarcasm)

  2. These two deaths were not swept under the carpet. All news media covered the story saying 2 race horses dead over this weekend. Good..point out this travesty of sporting events.

    • The reporting indicates that there were FIVE horses killed so far in 2022 at Del Mar racetrack. I suspect that there were more horses trained and/or raced at Del Mar that are no longer alive, but that it was possible to hide their mishaps and fatalities. Of course, we will never know how many horses could have been culled by selling to killbuyers because they were not fast enough and had injuries from the daily routine cruelty of race training.

  3. I shared this as well as many other posts but Del Mar hits close to home and I know friends who support this cruelty. I hope I can reach them with facts.

    • I hope they are not in denial and I hope they have the capacity to care about the horses as sentient beings.

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