Death at Dayton

Cabernet, according to a source at the track, “suddenly fell to her death” right after the start of the 8th at Dayton Nov 1. She was five years old.


  1. If CABERNET was on Lasix and she suffered a “sudden death” then she is evidence of the findings of the recent study by Dr Tim Parkin & anor. that horses on Lasix are at higher risk of dying from a sudden death.

  2. The entire standardbred/harness horse racing scene at Dayton is solely financed by the attached casino.
    In short, it’s a racino and absolutely nobody goes to these races.
    The stands are empty, the wagering coffers are so low that this horror show would most likely end when the subsidies END.
    It’s shameful that our elected politicians, for me, are to blame for their never ending cash flow at the expense of Ohio residents, education and/or communities.
    Instead, hundreds of millions of dollars is going to these killing business that supports a small group of animal abusers.
    I’m sure that Ohio residents didn’t intend on supporting a small group of people when they approved casinos because they sure as hell are not benefitting from the millions on the VLT’s.
    CABERNET paid the price, but don’t they all?
    It’s bewildering that we have a major election and nobody is questioning these politicians on subsidies anywhere in the USA.
    It’s like horse racing flies under the radar and somehow gets another free pass.

    • You’re right Gina. Safe to say that without subsidies there would not be a single harness track left. At Dayton the total handle on any race, including simulcast signals, is not enough to even cover the purse, much less track operations. It’s the same everywhere. If they don’t have a casino they receive direct state subsidies. Some states even have both. It’s one of the greatest cons ever. Sure, you can build cars if you use some of your profits to build chariots. It’s stupid and the horses suffer.

  3. Animal abuse at its most public. Why hasn’t horse racing been stopped? This cruel and corrupt pass time for the ignorant, has a lot of money involved. “Follow the money trail” is an adage that is so appropriate for this situation. Sad and tragic; I am so distressed for the beautiful, mistreated animals.

  4. 4 year old at Northfield Park also died on the track 11/9 suspected heart attack

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