“Scratched When Vet Observed Blood in Her Nostrils”

From the stewards at Keeneland…

Oct 20:
“Believing appeared to become sick while in the saddling paddock; scratched by vet.”

Oct 21:
“Dream Fly was injured in the starting gate; scratched by vet.”

Oct 22:
“The claim of Derivative was voided when horse was placed on Vet’s List.”

Oct 23:
“The claim of Tellmeonasunday was voided when horse was placed on Vet’s List.”

Oct 26:
“The claim of Uptown Hustler was voided when horse was placed on Vet’s List.”

“Strings was injured in the starting gate.”

Oct 27:
“The claim of Trappe Valley was voided when horse was placed on Vet’s List.”

“Bravo Kitten was a late scratch when vet observed blood in her nostrils.”

Oct 29:
“Sir Lancelot finished 4th and required the horse ambulance.”

“Cape Trafalgar fell during the post parade; scratched by vet.”


    • Bi-lateral bleeding from the nostrils is most unusual prior to horse racing. Usually occurs during the high speed exercise in a race and in a training gallop.

  1. BRAVO KITTEN was born on February 22, 2019 and her breeder put her up for sale at the Keeneland September Yearling Sale in 2020 for a Reserve of $170,000 Not Attained.
    So her breeder, Kenneth L. & Sarah K. Ramsey trafficked her to Gulfstream Park to be raced and then to Keeneland and then to Horseshoe Indianapolis and then to Saratoga and then to Kentucky Downs, and then back to Keeneland only to be scratched by the vet because, as everyone knows, the owners and trainers are so loving and kind that they would never, ever in a million years think of forcing a filly to run if she was bleeding from the nostrils. Oh, and by the way, that was so-o-o-o observant of her trainer (Saffie A. Joseph, Jr.) to notice that BRAVO KITTEN was bleeding from the nostrils, right? And that’s why it took the VET to make the big decision to scratch a bleeding-from-the-nose filly from a race.

    • Good grief, the Ramsays are still around breeding and torturing horses!!!!
      How many “Kitten” horses have they bred and how many have they abused and killed while they owned them plus the horses they had killed by others…
      These greedy people need to retire. Retirement is not something their horses get to participate in, however!!!

  2. You would think that Kentucky would be the pillar for the magnificent horse with all the money they bring into that state. Disgusting. And by the way the Breeders cup Classic this weekend…all that money going into the bets and revenue. We HOPE that all the horses under card and main attraction finish on all fours.

    • All that money going into the bets and revenue and all that dope going into the horses… It’s all despicable, disgusting and vomit-worthy what these greedy, horse-abusing, horse-doping, horse-killing people do to the horses.

  3. Another horror story of abuse and death. These greedy people need to stop their participation in the racing of horses!

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