Apollitical Jet, Two, Keels Over and Dies at Los Alamitos

In the 10th race – a $1 million affair – at Los Alamitos yesterday, Apollitical Jet finished 8th, earning almost $32K for his people. Then, he died – “sudden death,” to be precise. He was two years old, a baby. And he just keeled over and died. What more can I say?


    • Yes. It is SO gross. And SO abusive. Yet, it seems the highly-journalistic, super-credible, fact-seeking racing press — in SoCal, spearheaded by John Cherwa at the L.A. Times — won’t mention a word about another racing death at Ol’ Doc Allred’s Los Alamitos Horse Hell.

      Richest race?
      Collapsed and DIED right there on the track?
      Actually ADMITTED by the CHRB??? (Well, they kinda didn’t have a choice, did they?)

      Don’t worry, Cherwa. Fear not, L.A. Times “Sports” Dept: Nobody will notice your failure to report this. (Guess this GROSS ABUSE is just not newsworthy.)

  1. APOLLITICAL JET was born on March 4, 2020 and raced eight times in top level races for Quarter Horses. It’s diabolical what these horse-killing monsters do to these young and underdeveloped colts. I suspect that his connections doped him up as much as they could possibly get away with to exploit him to the maximum. Ed Allred and the horse-killers he caters to should be in prison for FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY.

  2. This exploitation, abuse, and death of horses must stop. The owners of these horses only care for money and not for the precious horses. It is time to end the racing of horses.

  3. The name of the trainer whose greed killed Apollitical Jet Is Valentine Zamudio.

    • There are many other greedy people in this industry who facilitated this trainer’s greed and played a role in the abuse and killing of APOLLITICAL JET.
      Why is it even legal to use and abuse a young colt that is only one-third of the way to maturity? It defies common sense and basic horsemanship. A colt is not fully developed until six years of age. Keeping any horse of any age in a box stall for 23 hours a day is a form of abuse. Forcing him to run at a full gallop every time he is ridden is also an obvious form abuse. This abuse of horses is obvious to a lot of people who know and understand the needs of horses and care about what horses need at every stage of their lives.
      No horse needs to be abused and racing is absolutely a form of abuse.

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