2-Year-Old Paddock Boss Killed at Churchill

The 8th at Churchill yesterday was, according to Equibase, “cancelled, management decision.” Not said was why. In fact, the race began but was inconveniently interrupted by a “one-horse spill” – BloodHorse’s dismissive (and loathsome) description – that left the fallen, 2-year-old Paddock Boss, dead.

But back to the really important stuff, again courtesy of BloodHorse: “Refunds were issued for wagers placed specifically on the eighth race. Multi-race bets returned consolation payoffs, and payoffs with one less winner in required sequences.”

This is horseracing.

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  1. The writers/publishers at the BloodHorse didn’t mention the horse being injured and killed in the headline of the article. It’s absolutely ABUSE of horses to race them as Two-year-olds.
    Is this allowing the jockeys to have a say in the matter of riding or not riding, especially NOT riding in a race card a new thing? There is a Paulick Report article that says the jockeys at Remington elected NOT to ride Saturday night after a track inspection. There is this extremely annoying pop-up ad about the Melbourne Cup that keeps taking over the whole screen on my device so I can’t read the whole article.
    Is this the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority doing their “job”? Since racing will never be safe for horses, to mention the word “safety” regarding horse racing is a kick in the teeth.

    • No- jockey colonies have always had the discretion to ride or not. If they feel the track is unsafe, they can band together and tell management they are not riding that day. A few weeks ago the jockey colony at mountaineer banded together after the 2nd race and refused to ride after the ambulance crew said they were not following them around the track.
      I remember once standing trackside and a track employee was talking with another guy and he said – “damn, if you go 6 inches down in this dirt- it’s so frozen it’s concrete. I’m surprised the jocks are ok with it.” Everyone knew it- and they were all OK with continuing to run the horses that day.
      Greed is a powerful motivator.

      • Thank you, Marie. The horses don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell when the members of the ambulance crew don’t want to follow the jockeys around the racetrack during a race.
        In any animal abusing event, the human participants are always (generally speaking) considered more important than the animals. So, if an ambulance crew does not care enough about the jockeys to follow them around the racetrack, it’s a cinch they would not care at all about the horses.

  2. Notice that the major horse-killing institutions are becoming MORE secretive and evasive about their fatalities lately?
    Seems like, along with the recent roll-out of (the absurdly-named) HISA, all these organizations are doubling-down on HIDING racehorse deaths, rather than exercising any actual public transparency about them.
    I mean, give me a break, Equibase officials: “Cancelled – Management Decision”?? THAT’S how you classify your Horse-Killing, Jockey-Maiming, Breakdown Race-of-the-Day?

  3. The race was called off because it was unsafe for the horses to finish the race with a horse & jockey down on the ground…wish you knew how well the horse was cared for leading up to the race and how it was a complete accident , and the horse was euthanized because it could not sustain life after the injury it had. You’ll probably delete this heaven forbid you voice your opinion and someone voices one against you. Some things you do are good, some things you say are just negatively false!

    • I noticed you are going by the handle of HorseRacingRights and defending the indefensible rather than going by something that stands up for the horses such as RACEHORSERIGHTS. If you were truly a caring horse person, you would be more prone to stand up and speak out for the rights of the horses rather than the willful display of indifference to the horses and their health and well-being.
      Horses aren’t mature until they’re 6 (six) years old and the racing industry exploits young and underdeveloped colts and fillies from the time when they’re just babies. Forcing young and underdeveloped YEARLINGS and TWO-YEAR-OLDS to perform as though they were SIX-YEAR-OLDS & UP is very, very WRONG in and of itself.

      The horses exploited for racing and wagering are injured to some degree on a daily basis, but as long as someone (licensed and/or unlicensed) can inject certain substances into their bodies, the INHUMANE TREATMENT of horses will continue at the track. If the injuries the horses must sustain and absorb are too severe to be covered up with pain-killing drugs, but not severe enough to dictate euthanasia, the horses may be disposed of by dumping the horses into the slaughter pipeline. If the horses that are not exploitable for racing and wagering, or breeding, are shipped to slaughter, we won’t be reading about it from the industry, will we?
      How many horses can you tell us about that were quietly loaded up into a trailer and hauled off the racetrack grounds to be “retired” to the killpens and the slaughterhouses? (Except for the fact that you are not going to tell us about such dastardly deeds, because it is your “right” to callously exploit horses for racing, wagering and slaughter.)

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