Sapphire Royalty Killed at Parx

The 8th race at Parx yesterday: “Sapphire Royalty quickly sprinted clear, opened a long lead on the turn, suffered a catastrophic injury near the 5/16 pole and was subsequently euthanized.” She was four years old; ’twas her 18th time under the whip.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Even though the investigators in Pennsylvania found two trainers (at PARX) in possession of drug paraphernalia — syringes, needles — and substances, and without a license to administer drugs (only licensed veterinarians may administer legal substances) and one jockey (at PARX) possessing an electric shocking device/buzzer used on racehorses which is not legal, of course, horses exploited for racing are still not safe in Pennsylvania or anywhere. Also, there was a groom believed to have smuggled a gun and marijuana onto the racetrack grounds which is illegal, of course!
    The people involved in horseracing are not good role models for any young person to follow or imitate, to say the least.
    The comings and goings of these die-hard horse-abusing horse-killing shit-show gambling racket sleazy sorry excuses for horsemen are questionable; so questionable, in fact, that they should all just be arrested AND locked up and then just shut this horse-abusing, horse-doping horse-killing shit-show gambling racket down!!!!

  2. The entire PA horse racing scene is supported by hundreds of millions of dollars in public subsidies.
    We know that PA horse racing, like most all, is a cesspool of corruption, illegal doping, and widespread inhumane treatment and killing of racehorses.
    We also know that the big purse money is, more often than not, won by people who don’t even live in PA, and do absolutely nothing for the communities there.
    The latest is this: “The slot money was supposed to benefit ALL Pennsylvanians, as a whole, not just the horse racing industry.”
    “Taxpayers have invested more than $3 billion in the industry since 2004. However with this incredible investment, it’s time for the industry to become self-sufficient by reducing its reliance on a subsidy of state dollars. The industry should continue building upon the investment taxpayers have made in them. Now is the time for the industry to stop negotiating for taxpayer money and focus on generating their own to be self-sustaining.”
    A poll conducted in June 2021 showed that 83% of PA residents wants this money redirected away from horse racing into the educational trust fund for scholarships.
    These are students who can’t afford higher education, but have the marks and intelligence to successfully graduate to fill jobs that are in high demand building a future for PA.
    An analysis showed that PA taxpayers are spending 3 times the amount of money to support horse racing over the education of children.
    “That imbalance is going to change.”
    They also point out that horse racing will still get $110 million instead of $240 million.
    Isn’t it shocking that horse racing can suddenly mobilize thousands of their racehorse exploiters and killers to fight this proposed change, but not one of them are found at a kill auction rescuing the racehorses that they dumped after crippling them?
    Parasites who live off of their non-consenting voiceless victims and who also live off taxpayers and rip-off our children’s education.
    It’s so long overdue for states and communities to rid themselves of this rotten apple.

    • Also, they are exploiting people with gambling addictions who might be living paycheck to paycheck or welfare check (as in government assistance of some type, not a police visit to check on their emotional welfare) to welfare check and/or “borrowed” money to gamble on the horses. Addictions are always the highest priority to the addict, so guess who might be going without basic necessities for this reason; children of addicts. It’s a vicious cycle.
      True horsemen would walk away from this evil cruelty to horses and blight on communities.
      I saw the picture of Belinda Stronach in the racing industry press/ publication online about their gambling racket business.
      Her attitude, demeanor and overall appearance THOROUGHLY nauseates me!!!!!

  3. I am totally disgusted with the horrible torture of this horse and the horrible outcome of death. We must stop the racing of horses.

    • It is hideously malicious and downright evil to willfully subject (on purpose) any horse to such extreme pain and fear for their lives. It’s so cruel to force horses to run literally for their lives and literally to their death. It is not true horsemanship to force horses to perform to such extremes that it leads to disabling injuries and/or death; it is ABUSE, BRUTALITY and CRUELTY! The laws need to be changed! We need new legislation passed!

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