A “Sudden Death” Kill at Los Alamitos

The CHRB reports that Invictatatus, six, suffered a “sudden death” yesterday at Los Alamitos. While no other details were given, we do know Invictatatus had a “timed workout” three days prior. He is the 45th disclosed kill at California tracks this year.


  1. Oh, these so-called “sudden deaths” only the horseracing industry could come up with that…

  2. INVICTATATUS didn’t deserve this life of being exploited for racing and wagering! He didn’t deserve it anymore than any other horse that has been subjected to this routine cruelty in the past or is now being subject to the routine abuse of this industry in the present time! The horseracing industry is made up of human beings indulging in some of the worst vices known to mankind! This industry should not be allowed to continue to abuse and kill horses as a matter of routine cruelty! The trainer is responsible for what happens to the horses they get paid to force to submit to this hideous cruelty and the owners are responsible for paying the abuser to abuse. This gambling racket and horse-killing business needs to be shut down once and for all! Every racetrack is a killing field and must be recognized as such!

  3. “Sudden death” seems to be the trend now in racing fatalities. So conveniently vague and mysterious, when we all know full well there is nothing “sudden” about them.

  4. If young racehorses would just stop keeling over dead in California, all participation in the CHRB’s Equine Fatalities List would become strictly voluntary.
    Hey, horse-killers: If you don’t WANT the entire local news media bugging you and shaming you for your carnage, just haul your poor, injured equines OFF TRACK PROPERTY for their actual killings. No public death admission required. Ever!
    Sorry, the CHRB will still have to report Sudden Deaths. (Because, hey, the system isn’t perfect.)

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