1. why does these horses have to have things in their mouth so that theri tongue has noplace in their mouth. what the hell is going on here. this is truly ugly. it needs to stop

    why are we forcign horses to run with this crap in thei rmouth. it needs to stop

    • The tongue is tied down. Some horses not all will get their tongue over bit and then you have no control. But these poor race horses are never trained correctly. Lip chains I feel like are unnecessary. If you can’t control a horse and still have that much crap on them then you as a trainer failed.

      • Lip chains are also a safety measure. Something I don’t understand this group always being against. The chain releases endorphins to keep a horse calm and focused.

        • kellycrimmins, can you explain what a twitch does? Have you seen a twitch being used on a live horse?

        • And yet again- not every horse needs a lip chain, and most people using them aren’t doing so correctly. At most racetracks in Europe they are barely used. Again, Kelly, because this is the way it’s done in the US, every one has to do it- right? SMH.

        • What a goofy argument. The brain releases endorphins as a response to pain. So let’s cause the horse pain so it experiences an endorphin rush so the pain we’re causing isn’t as painful. I got shot once, didn’t feel a thing. What a great experience. 🙄

    • No horses should be treated like this and there should be no more racehorses. They need to be out in the pastures enjoying their life not being beat and mistreated. I wonder how these humans would feel if other humans treated them this to way

  2. Tongue ties are to keep the horse safe and are used to prevent both choking and airway obstruction.

    • When I was racing I was always told that tongue ties are to prevent the horse from swallowing it’s tongue. I have since read, even in racing articles, that this is actually impossible. And I’ve actually seen horses put their tongue over the bit even with a tongue tie. And along those lines – how come those self same horses don’t need their tongues tied down, even when competing at the highest levels of eventing, which involves galloping for long distances?? See, Kelly, this is the problem with racing. People like you try to rationalize inhumane treatment, because it’s just the way it’s always been done – even if it’s been proven wrong and unnecessary!

    • No horse needs a tongue tie to remain “safe” and prevent obstruction of their airway – ONLY those who are forced to exert themselves beyond what their body can adequately manage and exceed the duration of activity they would choose are subjected to the inhumane “fixes” of tongue ties, etc.

      Racing horses causes problems for the horse who is then punished for the problems the industry created. The horse becomes “unsafe” in his attempt to maneuver the painful bit in his mouth? – racing’s answer is to cause him more pain and distress.

  3. One of my greatest wishes is that someone will come up with a device that people can put in their mouths that would simulate what a bit feels like to a horse. Everyone who wants to own or ride a horse would have to spend time in this device.

  4. Looking at the horse in the video with the tongue hanging outside of the horse’s mouth and sort of wagging or flopping with the movement of the horse’s head and body, makes me think it is just a matter of time before the horse will be dead, because there is nothing safe about racing. The added ABUSE of forcing a horse to have so much crap inside the horse’s mouth that he or she cannot keep the mouth closed with the tongue inside the mouth and the lips sealed is a clear sign that this horse will have serious life-threatening issues. It’s a crying shame that people are so utterly stupid in this industry that they don’t have basic common sense. It isn’t rocket science!

  5. I agree with Wanda Diamond. It is not good to have so much crap in the horses’ mouths. It causes too much discomfort for the poor horses. The people in this industry are selfish and stupid. They do not really care about the horses. The racing of horses must end!

  6. I twitch is a form of restraint used instead of sedation in stressful situations such as during veterinary care. It is only applied briefly and is not cruel. More of a distraction. Again it is a safety measure and again I do not understand why this group is opposed to any horse’s safety and care.

    • Do you even have a clue about how ridiculous it sounds for you, or anyone, kellycrimmins, to talk about “safety” (allegedly the horse’s “safety”???) regarding the use of lip chains or any other man-made form of control over the horse that is painful to the horse, while you and your racing fan friends put the lives of the horses at a high risk of injuries and literally death??? Catastrophic injuries happen to horses everyday somewhere when their connections are forcing them into the starting gates and forcing them to run as fast as they can until they suffer from life-ending injuries. You call that “safety”???

  7. kellycrimmins, a twitch is a means of control. It is cruel but it works to get control of the horse. For example, back in the early 1960s when my dad was shoeing horses, once in awhile he would have to work on a horse that was not okay with standing still enough to get the job done. I watched my dad put a twitch on a horse’s upper lip and twist it tight. The horse had no choice but to stand still and get the idea that he had to submit to a human being handling and/or manhandling him. The lip of a horse is one of the most sensitive parts of a horse’s body. It’s a short cut to taking days, weeks and even months of constant gentling of a horse to get them to stand still for having their legs and hooves handled long enough to clean, trim, rasp and nail shoes on all four hooves.
    The lip chain and the twitch are both instruments of control and they cause pain in some of the most sensitive parts of the horse’s body.

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