Subjugation, Defined

More scenes from Timonium (Maryland) this past Monday…

And a reminder on Racing’s primary means of control…


  1. #HorseracingisAnimalCruelty
    Stop the government subsidies and government-directed benefits to this horrible cruelty!!!
    Stop forcing horses to be racehorses.
    Stop the forced confinement of horses to stalls 23 hours a day/7 days a week.
    Stop letting people get away with committing horrific acts of felony animal cruelty to horses.
    Stop letting people cause harm to horses!
    Stop letting people get away with causing harm to horses!!!!
    Stop letting veterinarians get paid to willfully do what enables the predictable injuries and death of horses exploited for racing!!!!

  2. The horseracing industry is notorious for
    inflicting animal abuse and animal cruelty upon its “much loved” horses.
    These videos evidence the brutal treatment forcing these horses into submission. It’s sickening to watch.
    And all that noise going on causes even more distress for these poor horses who are in pain.
    No escape for them, none whatsoever.

  3. Yes, Carolyn they say how much they “love” their horses.
    So I ask how can they subject their beloved horses to such cruelty? Of course we know the answer. To these people the horses are objects to be subjected and used however they decide. We also know not to listen to what they say but to watch what they do.
    What is done to the horses speaks the ugly truth loud and clear. It leaves no doubt.

  4. People who use this type of extreme restraint have no understanding of how to work with horses or even how horses think. The added pain and the inability to move freely only increases the horse’s stress, making him “act up” even more and prompting his ignorant handlers to add even more pain devices in an attempt to control him. There is absolutely no love for these horses in the racing industry- they are a disposable means to an an end, and their treatment proves it.

  5. This. Is. Wrong. How many more horses need to die?! These horses are SUFFERING. Please continue to share to expose the cruel horse racing industry.

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