Animal Cruelty, in Pictures

The following photos were taken Monday at Timonium. They speak for themselves.

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  1. Being as I have not had my access to make commentary,referring back to our presence at Saratoga with the video truck. The pictures of Armsrunner and the others falling on the track showing reality of it all. Perhaps these pictures along with necropsy viewings say it all. Most people think a broken leg does not look that bad and can be fixed. Nor are they aware of the contraptions that the horse endures in his mouth. With that being said, hopefully with these barbaric facts of reality a new light will shine on these sad sad abuses.

  2. I am assuming any other horse unless they are a track horse would be considered a cruelty case. Overdriving to the point of death. How very sad

  3. One of many reasons we quit the track, the horrible use of lip chains & unneeded ring bits! Should probably not say this on a public forum , but as we told the horse people at our old now thankfully demolished track, those lips we kiss we don`t use chains on!

  4. It’s extremely difficult to look at these pictures and not want to get physically aggressive on these people!
    These people are taking physical control of baby horses that are not in a position to make a choice because they are taken advantage of from birth. These baby horses are controlled and abusively manhandled from birth. These baby horses are manhandled in much the same way that baby elephants were taken advantage of. Baby elephants were taken away from their mothers and put in a pen they couldn’t get out of; when the baby elephant put their trunk outside the bars of the pen their handlers would beat on their trunk with billyclubs. That was part of their so-called training. It’s basically the same attitude with the so-called training of horses to force them to submit.
    The look on the creepy man’s face shows that he is totally sadistic and has no genuine compassion for the horse that he is abusively manhandling.
    If he said he loves horses, what he meant was he loves horses that he can conquer physically and mentally. He loves having power over the horses without remorse for the abusive methods of manhandling the horses. When the horses get injured, that is not a problem for him. He shows no sense of right or wrong in the proper way to treat a horse. He doesn’t demonstrate the ability to care! This creep’s priority is not the well-being of the horse!
    The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act comes to mind. The horses are bred to be abused as gambling objects for these corrupt horse-killing thugs, whether they are a trainer, owner, breeder, gambler, corrupt member of a corrupt organization, some type of adminstrator or anything in this industry.
    All members of all the racing commissions, associations and so-called benevolent and “protective” organizations (protecting racing and wagering, not horses) need to be held accountable for their corruption and abuse of horses! Pass legislation now! Stop funding this abuse with public funding!
    Our government needs to prioritize the needs of families and children; that includes providing free and reduced price school lunches. Animal abusers need to be terminated from government “bailouts” now!

  5. These are very young horses, as you can tell from their teeth. They are in agony from the restraints, the heat, and being pushed beyond their limits. Agony.

  6. These photos would rip the hearts right out of any normal person. The horse racing industry is a horde of psychopaths — greedy, sadistic and void of all compassion or conscience. Severe animal abuse and murder is supposed to be AGAINST THE LAW!!!! Too bad authorities look the other way — from legislators to law enforcement $$$$$$$$$$$$. We must NEVER stop exposing the atrocities and deaths. I am so grateful for Horse Racing Wrongs.

  7. These photos made me disgusted and angry because of the way the horses were treated cruelly. They had sad looks on their faces. This is so horrible and must be stopped. These beautiful and precious horses deserve better. Horseracing must end for good!

  8. OMG such cruelty to these horses – what kind of abusers do this continually. I just want to throat punch each and everyone of these idiots that call themselves horse people. These assholes are animal abusers in the worst sense. Somehow, someway the horse racing needs to be abolished once and for all. I wish I could take everyone of the horses away from this kind of horrific lifestyle, they all deserve so much more.

  9. If horses speak like humans do … these abusers should thank their lucky stars that they cannot. They do “speak” in the only way they can–even a smart child can understand them–but those who are in control of them have not learned as much as that child.

  10. This horrible display of cruelty must make these “control freaks” feel so powerful!
    They can make this 1,000 animal bend to their will. But the real issue of control is the lack of self control on display. Ugly humans..

  11. Let’s have these so-called people go through this torture to see how cool they are with it. This is disgusting, shameful and wrong.

  12. These bits are vicious and horribly painful! Capable even of slicing off the horse’s tongues and I have seen that happen! Such awful cruelty should never be tolerated for “sport”! That is barbaric!

    • The chain as used as a bit? Sorry i have been out of horses for awhile! Are they to supress the tongue to force the horse to breath through it’s mouth? Sickening

  13. I do not have a fitting comment for these uncaring horrible people it needs to be stopped.

  14. Horrible just does not encompass what this is. Inhumane come close. Everyone looks on and while they are doing so, looking over, is what they are truthful doing.

    • God created every animal on this planet. Those beautiful horses are here to be loved and cherished in a sanctuary. Those of you who are racing them for .money will one day soon reap what you sow. The end times of our world is very near and God will be on a white horse when he returns to earth to destroy those who are evil and he will build a new world with his faithful christians fo live in paradise forever. You still have time to change your ways but you will never know when that time is over. The Bible says the end is very near so if I were you I would repent today. May God change your heart before it’s too late.🙏💖🙏💖🐾🐾🙏💖🙏💖🌈🐾🐾

  15. IT’S so heart wrenching to see that, it brings tears to my eyes… so so sad those innocent animals… sigh

  16. You are totally sick bastards to do this to these beautiful horses. The pain you put them through for your enjoyment is unacceptable and mean. Horse racing needs to be stopped immediately. These horses should be somewhere where they can run free and not be abused.

  17. I remember going to the Santa Anita race track in the 60’s for the “Jockey Races ” where the jockeys would decide who would win ( betting big money on the winner ) and make it happen. I’m ashamed that I did that now but my friend was related to one of the jockeys. NOW THEY ARE ABUSING AND KILLING HORSES AND THAT MUST STOP !!! MY FAMILY HAD RACE HORSES BUT THEY WERE TREATED LIKE ROYALTY AND OUR JOCKEY SLEPT IN THE STALL WITH THEM TO PROTECT THEM. THIS COUNTRY WOULD NOT EXIST WITHOUT HORSES AND IT IS A DISGRACE THAT THEY ARE BEING TREATING BADLY ! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU !!!!

  18. Something is very wrong with people that can look at these pictures and ALL of the other injuries that have been well documented and not be outraged to the max and dedicated to shutting any business that looks the other way about these. At the top of that list are the reprehensible political people who have the power to shut this crap down and DON’T.
    As for the people who are actually doing the abuse, they are sick and sadistic criminals in every sense of the word and need to be prosecuted as such.
    In MY world, every one of these creeps would be tied up and laid out on Santa Anita Racetrack while horses are let loose to stampede and and crush their worthless bodies to dust so they can never harm anything else ever again.

  19. What reply?! Just watching Horses, being abused, Torchered, by these Dirty, Filthy Criminals? Animal Rights Activists!, Rich Celebrities, Politions, You are a huge Contribution to these ATROCITIES! Quit sitting in your million dollar YACHTS! We need “POWER “, to end this, & that horse Killer, in the picture & the other Degenerates who Torcher these innocent horses & other helpless Animals, need to be thrown in the deadly Dungeons of England, to languish & waste away! Including that Beast of a woman , that Blonde, who the Queen, who was a hunter herself, chose her, a HORSE KILLER, to a high position. SHAME on that Throne, & England! I Pray that some “HIGH “ FORCE of POWER”, frees these Animals in HORRIFIC bloody situations! & Humans with POWER, Will crucify these human SATANIC SAVAGES! Please , have Empathy & feel the Misery inflicted on innocent Animals ! This is stomach/turning, & criminal! SAVE These poor Animals! Don’t You “Zillionaires, “ have an ounce of how these innocent creatures are Sufferering, take Another LOOK!!!!!

  20. I followed a friend of a friend on FB. This person is a part owner of a poor race horse. He proudly posted a photo of his horse walking with a mouth torture device stating, “oh, the dreaded lip chain.” So of course I stated the obvious while all the race-tracker cronies attack me over and over. Some of the responses included that I know nothing about race horses and ‘handling’ and also the ‘benefits’ of the lip chain such as releasing adrenaline. Oh yes – every horse loves adrenaline from a lip chain rather than being able to run and roam freely (SARCASM).
    I love Race Horsing Wrongs! These photos tell the story. Sadly there are always going to be these dense people but the pressure being put on them is going to topple the bottom feeders preying on horses. Taking away the audience is the only way.

    • Can the sadists tell what is released inside of their own bodies when they are using painful bits and chains on the horses?
      Horseracing offers cheap thrills for sadistic horse-abusers to see horses being routinely tortured for money.

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